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What’s a man cave you ask? Well, it’s an area a guy can call his own, at home. It can be a bonus room tv den, a basement game room, a shed to tinker in, an extra bedroom to display collectibles or a finished garage to hang with friends. Inside the house or out, with a little bit of creativity, there’s always room, whether you’re looking to relax and kick back, retreat, nap, watch the game, play a game or enjoy a favorite beverage.

Man Cave Ideas (Pixabay)

Of course, with so many options, it may be difficult to know where to start. If you’re interested in carving out a little bit of space for yourself or your guy, look no further, we’ve got the best man cave ideas around!

Football Family Room

If you have a sports fan on your hands, why not give him a room he can cheer about, like this Pittsburgh Steelers-themed den. Lisa Walsh Huff Kroll, from Concord Cottage, wanted to create a space where her husband could escape the flowers and frills that decorate the rest of the house. To set the tone, she began the makeover by adding paint to the walls. She chose a color from Glidden’s NFL color palette and worked forward from there, decorating the rest of the room with Steelers accents. From the decals on the ceiling fan to the jerseys hung on the wall, this room is all guy, all the time and the perfect place to kick back and enjoy the game. Touchdown!

Sports Man Cave Ideas ( with Lisa Walsh Huff Kroll)

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Two TVs

Don’t have the space to give your guy his very own room? Well, how about just giving him his own TV? This man cave/ playroom serves double duty. By combining pink and pretty playthings with dad’s sports memorabilia and a lot of organization, Keitha from The Bajan Texan created a room where everyone can hang out and relax together. She used black shelves and frames to unite the two different elements and gave the girls buckets to store all of their toys. The two televisions come in handy for dad when he can’t decide which game to watch and when his daughters are in the room he can switch one of them over to the Disney Channel, making everyone happy.

Cool Man Cave iIdeas (Keitha The Bajan Texan)

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Elegant Movie Themed Man Cave

While most people think of bars or games when they hear the word man cave, they really are just rooms or areas where a guy can enjoy his own interests. If movies are your passion, you might like this elegant theater themed den. Decorated with posters, comfy couches and of course, a big tv, this room blends in seamlessly with the rest of the decor in the house. The paneled curtains on the wall soften the strong lines of the frames and can be drawn to reduce glare on the screen. They don’t have frills or fringe, so they don’t take away from the crispness of the room, which has a definitive feel. It’s clear that this room is for relaxing, kicking back to watch a flick and eating popcorn. Of course, it doesn’t mean you can’t watch a game in here, too.

Man Cave Decor Ideas (Brandi)

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Nautical Man Cave Decor

When Hometalker Carol Strohm’s daughter moved out, she decided to turn her old bedroom into a nautically themed den for her husband. Like many makeovers, this one started with paint. Carol gave the walls a washed treatment, using two different hues of blue. The result is a cloud or wavelike feel that sets the tone for the rest of the decor. She filled the space with shells, bells, ships, and swords to give her husband a feeling of being at sea whenever he spent time in his den. Taking it one step further, Carol even painted a seaside mural on the closet doors. It fills a whole wall in the room and provides her husband with a Waterview all his own. 

DIY Man Cave Ideas (Carol Strohm)

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Vintage Styled Man Cave

Don’t have room for a huge tv or pool table? Few people actually do, so why not check out this small room man cave and all that’s packed inside. Instead of a large couch, this vintage industrial styled room features a comfy chair to sink into with a good book or when you’re ready to catch a game. A desk area constructed from pipes and open shelving is available when work calls and the photo gallery on the wall ties the room together with heavy wooden frames and old black and white pictures of sports teams. It’s all topped off with a colorful pop provided by an old metal locker used for storage. The room is cohesive so it doesn’t feel cramped, yet it has areas for both work and play and with just that one chair, it’s the perfect place when you need an escape. 

Man Cave Room Ideas (Design Improvised: Haeley Giambalvo)

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Living Room Bar

Living and dining rooms are often underutilized areas of the home. By turning one or both into a main floor man cave bar, you’ll get a room you can relax in and one you’ll actually hang out in often. You can decorate it in any style that suits you, modern or traditional, and furnish it with wood, granite or tile. Comfy bar stools or tables can both be a part of the scheme, as well as softer pieces like armchairs or sofas. You can even add fun elements like a game table, vintage arcade game, jukebox or for that matter a library area with books. There are no rules when it comes to design, just add what you love and watch the room come to life. 

Man Cave Bar Ideas (Vintage Headboards)

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Basement Wine Cellar

If you’re not willing to sacrifice one of your main floor rooms to build a bar, there’s always the basement. It’s actually an ideal place to store your wine collection. The brick walls and heavy wrought iron accents in this room give it an authentic European feel. Plus, down here there’s room for plenty of shelves to house your bottles correctly and a tasting area with bar seating to entertain guests and enjoy your classy cave. While this room was created with the help of a designer, the same look can be achieved with a little DIY in your own basement.

Man Cave Ideas for Basement (AK Complete Home Renovations)

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Basement Media Room Man Cave

Basements man caves are quite common and good for more than simply storing wine. Located below ground, they are optimal spaces to watch a game or a movie without the glare that comes in from large windows. They are also, usually, bigger spaces with the square footage necessary to accommodate big screen TVs, game tables and chunkier seating. This beautiful room contains all of those elements, including an electric fireplace to warm up the room, as it creates a focal point. The original basement layout featured a small built-in bookshelf, but it wasn’t working for the homeowners. By reconfiguring the space, broadening the bookshelves and moving the television to the other side of the room, they were able to create a stunning man cave media room that they love.

Basement Man Cave Ideas on a Budget (Terry M)

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Mini Man Cave

Man Caves aren’t always created solely for the grown-ups in the house. Sometimes, the teens need an area to hang out that they can call their own, as well. By gathering a bunch of repurposed supplies and getting the boys involved in the construction of this mini man cave, DIYer JayN remodeled his basement on a budget. The unfinished ceiling was covered in old boards and the walls were covered in old flooring they scored mostly for free. JayN’s wife applied a pickling stain to the walls to lighten the color and they put down a carpet remnant to cozy up the room. The accent wall was created from wall signs puzzled together and a Craigslist projector and big screen hanging from the rafters to finish off this kids’ men den with big style.

Man Cave Ideas for a Small Room(JayN)

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Take It Outside

If you truly have no room in the house, then an outdoor structure might be the way to go. Prefab sheds are sold at big box hardware stores and go together easily with a few tools. If you’re not that handy, most offer installation for an additional cost. If you’re a hardcore DIYer, you could start from scratch and build your own freestanding man cave in any style you like. This rugged number, accented with stone and large windows, is both beautiful to look at and a great place to hang out. Whether you choose to turn your own building into a workshop or playroom you’ll have a place that’s truly all your own.  

Man Cave Ideas for Shed (Stephen Taylor)

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Military Artillery Box Coffee Table

So you’ve settled on the space and you’ve painted or paneled, but now you need some authentic man cave decor. Why not start with a coffee table to put your beverage, or let’s face it, your feet on. Tables can be made out of anything, just add legs and you’re set to go. This old military artillery box is a fabulous example. It’s tough exterior and strong construction make it a desirable addition. It has storage and will support whatever you decide to place on it, including those aforementioned feet. Metal lockers, old trunks, fishing crates, and vintage tool boxes will all work in the same way and can be found at thrift stores, yard sales and perhaps even in your own garage. With a bit of ingenuity, you can a have a table fit for a king. 

Best Man Cave Ideas (Courtney @ All Things New Again)

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Man Cave Signs

Wall decor for a man cave comes in all shapes and sizes. Of course, the addition of signs is one the easiest way to way bring personality into the space. They can be store bought or homemade, but they should enhance the feel of the room and go with the theme that has been chosen. This saw blade sign was created by hand painting a meaningful logo on the individual blades and then mounting them to a rustic board. You could do the same with a stencil or a stamp. You could also skip the painting and mount other items like fishing lures or hooks, car keys, ticket stubs or guitar picks. Let your interests guide you and get your DIY on.            

Cheap Man Cave Decorating Ideas (Carolina)

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Football Themed Cabinet

Decorative accents in a man cave don’t have to be bold and colorful. They can be simple and fit into an existing space, while still having a masculine air. For example, this beautiful cabinet was refinished with a guy in mind. Its neutral hue and rustic stencil would fit right in any farmhouse or country style room, but look closer and you’ll notice that the words are very specific. Team stats, logos, players’ numbers, and other random sporty facts are plastered across the front. It’s a subtle storage accent for any room without overpowering the space. Plus, since it’s a moveable piece, it can be pushed around when necessary to wherever the man cave might be. 

Football Themed Man Cave Ideas (Jill B)

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Basement or backyard shed, with these creative man cave ideas, it’s obvious that absolutely any space in your home or yard, can be turned in a royal room for the king of the castle. It’s easy to get started. Pick a space and map out a budget, think about your interests to help you decide on a theme, gather your supplies and go buy that big tv. You’ll be kicking back in no time.

Looking for more man cave ideas to help you create your very own? Check out Hometalk, where you can ask questions about one of these projects or share your own man cave with the community. We’d love to hear from you!

Written for the Hometalk community by: Kim | Exquisitely Unremarkable

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