11 Amazing Basement Remodeling Ideas

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One of the easiest ways to expand the size of your home can be achieved by remodeling your basement. So let’s head downstairs to check out these 11 outstanding basement remodeling ideas, shall we?

Basement Remodeling (Pixabay)

Turning an unfinished or poorly finished lower level into a den, playroom, or gaming area increases your livable square footage without the need to break ground and incur all the expenses and planning that go along with a structural addition. Depending on the scope and scale of your project, you can either DIY or rely on basement remodeling contractors. The average cost of a basement remodel varies greatly from region to region and depends on many factors including room size, the kind of finishes and amenities you want to add and whether the current area is finished or unfinished. However, you can cut costs by combining your DIY skills with a little professional help. Not sure where to start? That’s ok, we’ve gathered up the best of the best to help you get inspired to tackle your own basement makeover.

1. Fabulous Flooring

Flooring should be a key consideration in any basement renovation. Not only will it set the design tone of the room, but it should also stand up to the demands of how you’ll use the space and how the room itself behaves at different times of the year. Basements are notoriously damp spaces. They are also prone to leaks and floods in certain areas. There are many choices and picking the right one depends on your particular needs. If your room is dry carpet might be the way to go, especially if you have small children who will be playing on the floor. If you’re looking for a more grown-up, modern or sophisticated area, then a different surface may be more your style. This elegant flooring looks like wood but is actually a durable wood look tile that was just what this homeowner was craving.

Basement Flooring Remodeling (South Cypress)

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2. Form And Function

Just because the decorating is done in the basement doesn’t mean it can’t be super stylish. Many people finish their basements haphazardly or with basic colors, just because they’re underground. Perhaps the area is being used as kids’ playroom or extra family room for teens, but that’s no excuse to drop the decor ball. Form and function are equally as important and even in the basement, there’s a way to make them work together. Adding a fireplace to hide a support beam was a great way to solve a space issue and create a dramatic focal point when Hometalker Sara Bates helped her mother in law with her elegant basement makeover. A formerly underused exercise room, became a Moroccan inspired family den, thanks to the help of local contractors and artisans, where you can be sure they spend a ton of time now.

Basement Remodeling Ideas (Sara Bates)

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3. The Power Of Paint

Sometimes you don’t need to hire help and completely overhaul a room to achieve dramatic results, sometimes all it takes, is paint. Case in point, this fabulous basement bedroom makeover. The room was neglected, as these Hometalk DIYers and homeowners worked on the upstairs spaces after a recent move. When the time came to update, they grabbed their paint brushes and got to work. Adding a simple coat of gray, new bedding and a few fresh accessories were all it took to transform this basement retreat from drab to fab. They were so happy with the way the bedroom turned out, that they kept on rolling that paint right into the rest of the lower level to complete the job. The cost and time investment were minimal, but the results were dramatic. Now the entire space is light, bright and unified and providing their guests with a lovely place to visit.

Basement Oaint Ideas( The Cofran Home)

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4. Table It!

One of the best things best things about remodeling a basement is that it provides you with space for activities that you might not have in your upstairs areas. Playing games, doing puzzles and crafting are popular pastimes. However, unless you’re lucky enough to have a designated room or table for these hobbies, the supplies need to be cleaned up at dinnertime or when guests are expected. By adding a table to your own list of basement remodeling ideas, you add an area where games, crafts, and intricate puzzles can be left up for days and days and days, if necessary. Not into hobbies? Well, basement tables are also a great place for doing homework, drinking tea with friends or reading the paper. And when the room is as pretty as this one, you may find yourself getting crafty, just so you have a reason to hang out downstairs. 

DIY Basement Remodel (Kristine(Teeny Ideas))

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5. Create A Focal Wall

Don’t want your basement to feel like a basement? That’s easy enough, shake it up and add a little drama. Instead of painting the sheetrock, concrete blocks or orange wooden paneling that most traditional basements feature, why not try a different finish on the walls? Consider adding something unexpected like shiplap or pallet boards to one wall for a dramatic focal point that will set the tone for the whole room. Horizontal boards all the rage, they’re featured in magazines and tv shows alike. You can paint or stain the planks to fit the decor of your whole house, so upstairs flows seamless downstairs. Plus, it’s a simple DIY and whether your style is industrial farmhouse, traditional country or somewhere in between, it fits. The result is a warm, intimate and modern space that rivals any main floor living room and is bound to become your family’s favorite place to hang out.

Basement Walls Remodeling (Designing On The Side)

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6. Think Outside The Box

Hometalker Murphy had always dreamed of a home with a finished basement like the stylish, open concept one he grew up with, but his budget was tight. Not willing to put it off any longer, he spent time investigating non-traditional ceiling and wall ideas and other ways to save money, bringing in professional help when necessary. Leaving the ceiling open and having contractors paint the rafters black instead of spending money to sheetrock over them helped him achieve the open concept look without blowing overspending. By combining what he could do himself with what he hired out, he was able to keep his total basement remodel cost down, with room for stylish accents like wire framed lighting and a ventless gas fireplace to compliment his industrial theme. So before you rule anything out, consider how thinking outside the box, hiring basement remodeling contractors and a hearty dose of DIY could work together for you.

Basement Remodel Ideas (Murphy)

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7. Light And Bright

Many basements are fully underground. The natural light they receive is usually from very small windows, especially in older homes that were built before current building codes, and it’s limited at best. The solution is, obviously, to add more light. Of course, it can be done with overhead fixtures, table lamps, and bigger bulbs, but it’s always worth considering paint color. If your space is dark, painting it a very light hue, like white, light gray or beige will not only give the illusion of more space, but it will also reflect the existing light in the room. Another idea is to add a bright, unexpected color to the floor. This fun basement remodeling idea was actually born out of the need to fix damaged vinyl flooring. That’s right, by painting right over the old vinyl floor tiles, these homeowners kept their remodeling costs in check and added a giant pop to their makeover.

Basement Remodel Lighting (Amy Ellis @ StowandTellU)

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8. Let’s Get Cooking

A second kitchen is a useful amenity in any home, but it doesn’t have to be an unattainable luxury. Whether you have a basement contractor install it or you do it yourself, there are ways to add one to your basement makeover with a few second hand and bargain supplies. Online marketplaces, thrift, and re-stores often list or carry cabinets and appliances at deeply discounted prices. Plus, basement kitchens are usually abbreviated versions of the main floor versions, allowing you to buy fewer cabinets or apartment sized appliances. And when you’re finished you’ll have an extra area to entertain, cook, store party food or keep snacks for when the kids have their friends come over for movie night. Plus, with a kitchen on site, you can provide overnight guests with their very own suite, making your home the best inn on the block. 

Basement Makeovers (Karen)

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9. The Perfect Place To Play

Basement playrooms are very popular and with good reason. They’re usually a rather large, open space where kids can safely play with their friends, their toys, color, watch tv and build without worrying about disrupting the order of the more formal rooms in the house. However, just because the kids can make a mess, doesn’t mean the room has to be a mess. If your basement remodeling plans include a playroom, there are plenty of ways to make it stylish. Bin and buckets that match your decor can keep toys organized. Built-in cabinets create hidden storage for art supplies and games and by carving out space under the stairs you can bring a little one’s dollhouse dreams to life. Just put on your thinking cap or sit down with the kids and brainstorm together, because, with a little bit of creativity and imagination, the possibilities are truly endless.

Small Basement Remodel Ideas (Creative Order)

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10. No Reservations Needed

Cocktails anyone? While basements can be great places for kids to play, they’re also a perfect place for grown-ups to do the same. Turn on the music and create a pub-like atmosphere by adding or remodeling a bar. Many older homes already have a bar in the basement. Instead of ripping it out, why not bring it up to date and create the perfect place to entertain your adult guests and get them out of your kitchen. It could be as easy as painting old surfaces and adding a few trendy accessories, like placemats, stools, and brewery inspired artwork. Of course, if adding a brand new bar, you may need to hire a professional contractor to run plumbing and electrical to the support a sink or wine fridge. If you already have these fixtures in place it may be as simple as replacing them with new or giving them a good scrub. Then sit back, gather your friends and relax. Cheers!


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11. It’s All About The TV

Let’s face it when most people think about a basement remodel, this is the one they picture. Media rooms are extremely popular and with more and more people subscribing to streaming services and YouTube channels, they will continue to be a staple. Basements are the perfect places to hunker down and binge on a favorite show since they’re generally large enough to fit the really big screen and free from the sun’s glare. When decorating this space, it’s really all about the tv and the bigger, the better. When choosing one, make sure you have enough distance from the couch to view it properly and consider how you will display it, either mounted on the wall or on a stand. Oversized, overstuffed, comfy seating is another must in this basement makeover. Consider adding a sectional or recliner for a really relaxed viewing and above all, don’t forget the microwave. What’s a movie night without the popcorn?

(Darla DeMorrow)

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There you have it, an eclectic list of the best ways to remodel your basement to make the most out of every inch of your home. Professional renovation, DIY job or both, with these makeover ideas in hand you can plan out the perfect retreat that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

And if you’ve recently remodeled your own basement, share your project on Hometalk so others can take a peek and get inspired by you!

Written for the Hometalk community by: Kim | Exquisitely Unremarkable

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