It can be customized into any shape

This paw string is so adorable for the bedroom decor. Get tutorial here

It can express your love

This string heart is so much fun to make, and it’s perfect for your Valentine. Get tutorial here

It can be made for any holiday

Whether a tree, a menorah, or an easter bunny egg, you can make string art for all of them. Get tutorial here

It can be made with corkboard (and no hammer)

Worried about hammering all those nails? Don’t be, with this hack you don’t have to touch one. Get tutorial here

It adds the perfect rustic touch

This arrow string art on a slab of wood makes beautiful rustic decor. Get tutorial here

It even turns your furniture into art

This piece is mesmerizing, it’s so awesome. Get tutorial here

It can be used to show your true colors

This July 4th flag is one of the coolest American flags we’ve seen. Get tutorial here

It includes an array of colors

We love this multicolored and personalized birthday gift. Get tutorial here

It should really be considered a skillful art

Looking at this piece, would you think someone other than an artist made it? We didn’t either. Get tutorial here

It can accessorize anything

What would have been a boring growth chart suddenly became the coolest thing on their porch. Get tutorial here