Finished Basement on a Budget

by Murphy
2 Materials
4 Weeks
Having a finished basement is something that I’ve always wanted. Growing up, my parents basement was the fun, stylish open concept entertainment space, suitable for adults and children alike. And now that I have a house with a basement of my own, I’d give anything to have a space like that! However, being able to financially afford to have your basement finished can be financially challenging. So, I desided to be creative!

I had someone come in and paint the basement ceiling joists/rafters black. No need to sheetrock!

I used solid surface concrete stain on the poured foundation walls. They look great!

Added sheetrock to make a wall along the stairs. It was already partially framed, my friend added to it to close off the laundry area. I then painted the wall an accent color.

A basement needs heat in the winter! So I ran a gas line for a ventless gas fireplace. No need for AC in the summer. Basements typicality stay nice and cool all year round.

I matched up the solid surface concrete stain color with the paint color of the basement stairwell.

Picked up some industrial style light fixtures. It really goes well with the open ceiling and stained rough concrete walls!

I installed some carpet and now I have a great space for entertaining! All I need now is some furniture.
Industrial style stairwell light.
Solid surface concrete stain.
Solid surface concrete stain complete.
Solid surface concrete stain with black painted ceiling.
Ceiling is being painted black.
Added framing to create a wall to close off the laundry area.
Installing the sheetrock, ventless gas fireplace will be installed on the right.
Finished! Painted ceiling black, solid sur concrete stain on the walls, painted the sheetrock an accent color, carpet installed, ready for ventless gas fireplace.
Before and After
Stairwell painted and ready for carpet.
Ventless gas fireplace.
Before photo of the unfinished basement
Basement complete, fireplace to the right of the chair, laundry room in back.
Suggested materials:
  • Concrete Stain, paint, carpet, industrial style lighting   (Lowe’s)
  • Painter   (Angie’s List)
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  • Lisa Lisa on Apr 03, 2018

    Some ideas for furniture - check out thrift stores (you can always DIY a solution to make used look new), Freecycle is an excellent source, and of course there's always Craigslist and other online sources. You'll probably find some great storage solutions, too. Love what you've done so far, though! Eventually, you'll probably want to insulate - it'll save you on your home heating bills plus help keep the damp out.

    • Murphy Murphy on Apr 03, 2018

      I love all of those places! FB Marketplace and LetGo are great for second hand furniture as well! I’ve gotten a lot from them already. :)

  • Patricia Patricia on Apr 03, 2018

    Love this! We had a finished basement also when I was a kid. All the neighborhood kids would hang out there. We had enough open space to play games, watch TV, leg wrestle, play twister, musical chairs, etc. It was a blast! I hope your basement can provide many fond memories for y'all.

    • Murphy Murphy on Apr 03, 2018

      Isnt it funny what we remember from our childhood! Thank you, I hope once it’s furnished and I’m able to use it that my nephew grows up thinking “my uncles basement was so much fun!” :)