Vinyl "Storm Windows"

by Barb
2 Materials
5 Hours
I have this wonderful screened in porch which I use a lot and, want to continue using as long as I can. It is not air tight by any means but made and put up "vinyl storm windows" which does help keep the warmth from the sun in. It also helps keep my plants on the porch longer. And, they do like that.
Porch is 10'x16' with lots of windows
Would you like to use this as long as you could? Yes, some of you make recognize the day bed I made out of the old porch materials. My project is listed here on HomeTalk.
Starting with 2x4's , then cutting 1" pieces (2" thick).
Next I cut those pieces in half creating a 1"x1" piece.
Next, cut to size. Measure you window area, allowing for the next window to be placed. Mine were basically 38x31 for the bottom part of the porch. The upper part was 38 x 44.
I bought corner brackets to hold them together (for the most part). Pre-drill your holes as to not split the wood. The corner clamp was more work than good so I just didn't use it.
Screw the brackets on. Be sure to glue the ends together. I also used a small brad (nail) to help hold together.
Flip the frame over. I used heavy duty clear vinyl from Joanne's Fabric (60% off). Measure a little extra on either end then trim. I also used a strip of fabric to help the vinyl from tearing. Staple down and pull tight to make as tight and smooth as possible. If it's a bit "wrinkly", not to's a porch! You'll get better. One done....8 more to go. (the upper windows I did last year).
You DO want to pre-drill holes before attaching to the window. Again to prevent your wood from splitting.It's tough taking pics of "windows". Yes, there is vinyl in these.It's not quite time to put up as it is still in the 60's & 70's here in NC. These will allow me to enjoy my porch at least into January.Still trying to figure out how to heat without electricity as it is not airtight. Basic porch floor design etc. so lots of air at times.Love my porch .
Suggested materials:
  • Vinyl   (Joanne's Fabric)
  • 2x4's for 9 windows   (Lowes)
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  • Wendy Wendy on Oct 24, 2017

    Wonderful project, thank you for sharing!

  • P P on Mar 24, 2023

    Dad made panels like this with screw eyes permanently installed & painted to match porch columns. The more conspicuous hooks to mate up with the eyes were attached to the panels. Easy up, easy down, every year. Visqueen from HomeDepot of Lowe's was cheaper, tho' not quite as see thru. Instead of straight wood for side pieces, he used oneX2s cut to match curves of porch posts more closely to be more air excluding, and labeled which panel went where.