How to Repair Windows

What do you need to know to repair a broken window? If you are new to the world of DIY repairs, we have all the tips and guidance you are looking for. Check out our window repair discussion board, slideshows, best projects and DIY video tutorials. We'll frame the whole project for you so that you know exactly what to do.

How to Tackle Window Problems
Use polythene for short term repair
Use polythene as a temporary measure when the window has shattered. Clean up broken glass and secure a sheet of polythene to the window frame.
Install a new pane
Use specialist glazers if unsure about this tricky process. If you do proceed, ensure you can prime and apply linseed oil putty.
Repair rotten wooden sills
Scrape off any rotten wood before starting work. Use a wood repair compound to fill in the gaps, being careful to achieve a smooth finish.
Unstick sash windows
Sash windows can get stuck in their tracks. Clean the tracks, chisel out any excess dried paint, and smooth the tracks with sandpaper.
Make rusted frames look new
Use a high-quality primer when repainting the frames, ensuring even coverage to achieve a smooth finish. Add more coats if needed.
Top Projects for Repairing Windows

Visit our top DIY window repair projects and learn how to fix it yourself.

Window Repair Videos

DIY video tutorials on how to repair windows. Step by step instructions to guide you.

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New Window Repair Projects

New DIY window repair projects from the world of Hometalk. Get fixing!

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