How to Prepare a Glass Swing Door for Installation

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Have you imagined preparing a glass swing door for installation? It is easy and you can do it yourself. You just require few phillip screws, allen screws, rubber sleeves, door latch, the hinges and the faceplate. And obviously you need the glass door that you are installing.

First step is to position the door at the correct location as it is a frameless glass so you need to be extra careful while placing it on a surface.

You have to make sure that you install all the rubber sleeves onto the door engines.

In the next step you need help from a person to help you lift the door onto the hinges and install the door plates with screws and driver.

Once all the hinge plates have been installed do the final adjustments to the door to ensure it fits into the frame evenly. Install the cover plates properly to conceal the hinge plates.

Keep your door hardware handy to install the door latch and make sure to read all the instructions in the box before installing it. Divide it into two parts and put it around the glass door inside and outside and make sure to tighten the two large allen screws.

Install the faceplate carefully and check the locks and latches properly.

Install the small phillip screws to complete the faceplate installation.

You are almost done, next step is to install the lever set by sliding the hardware. Make sure that the two stainless steel covers are installed properly.

Swing the door and check if everything is fine and installed properly.

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