DIY Plumbing Repair Tips

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Plumbing Repair Tips
Locate the main turnoff source
Make sure you know where your turnoff source is. In times of sudden flooding, turning off your water supply is the best immediate repair.
Look underneath sinks and toilets
A worn toilet flapper or sink cartridge are common causes of leaks. Check regularly and replace when the part is showing wear and tear.
Spot and fix leaky faucets
Turn off the water supply to the leaky faucet. Open the faucet in neutral to relieve water pressure. Disassemble and clean each part.
Maintain your plumbing joints
Tighten joints on water supply lines and waste line fittings, using pipe joint compound if needed. Repeat this process regularly.
Fix toilets without chemicals
Use a plunger first on a clogged toilet, then invest in a toilet snake if the blockage persists. Try to avoid using chemicals.
Top Projects for Repairing Plumbing

Here are our top plumbing repair projects here. Fix that leak yourself!

Plumbing Repair Videos

Are you looking for DIY instructional videos on how to repair plumbing problems?

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How to Replace Cartridges to Fix a Leaky Bathroom Sink

My master bathroom sink was leaking and the dripping sound from the leaking water hitting the sink was driving me crazy while I tried to sleep so I decided to find the cause and fix the leaky faucet to get my sleep back! I knew that a leaking faucet was wasting water and energy in my home so once I discovered that the cause of my leak was worn cartridges, I replaced the worn cartridges with new ones that stopped the dripping and made my sink like new!

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Video :: Repairing a Clay Drain Pipe

recently I repaired a clay downspout leader (that you might see in a garden) similar steps you might use repairing a terra cotta waste water pipe. If youj ever come across this.

New Plumbing Repair Projects

Want to read about the new plumbing repair projects on Hometalk? Here you go.

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