How to Repair Furniture

Is it your first time repairing broken furniture by yourself? Allow us at Hometalk to help you out. We have video tutorials, slideshows, and discussion boards to help guide you. Read our top, best, and new furniture repair projects and see how other Hometalkers tackled their furniture repairs. Good luck and happy repairing!

Repair Any Type of Furniture
Bond broken wood with Bondo
For cracked wood, apply Bondo. Mix the two solutions and smooth the paste over the damaged area, then leave it to dry and sand.
Fix cracks with clay
For furniture, shape polymer clay to fit the damaged area. Glue in place and allow to set. Finally, trim with a knife and paint as required.
Don't paint scratches, stain them
Go over the surface with sandpaper before applying a gel-based wood stain with a foam brush. Lightly wipe the excess and allow to dry.
Use dowels for caster repairs
Drill into the hole, and insert a dowel. Cut to size and cover with polymer clay. Leave to dry, drill a new hole, and glue the caster in place.
Don’t just dry water stains
For water-stained wood, apply six coats of stain. Lightly sand between each one. Finally, soak copper handles in vinegar to remove stains.
Top Projects for Repairing Furniture

We've compiled our top furniture repair projects right here. Prepare to be wowed.

Furniture Repair Videos

Need instructional videos to help you repair your broken furniture? See here.

Quick Tip on Fixing Bleed Through on Chalk Painted Furniture and Decor

Do weird spots show up when chalk painting furniture or decor? Here’s a quick tip to to fix it!

Upcycled Couch - Painting Upholstery For The First Time

Today I am sharing a project that honestly turned out better than I thought it would. As my post title states, I have never painted upholstery before but I did do a lot of research to see what other folks recommended. And then I did something totally different. Ok not entirely, I did actually try to use some of their advice. But I like to use what I have on hand and when you are working with a couch that is in this bad of shape you don't worry much about ruining it.

Repairing a Cane Chair Seat

You might be surprised how easy it is to repair the cane chair seat of your bentwood with just some ordinary household tools.We have a whole set of Thonet bentwood chairs that my parents bought in 1978 and 1981 (how do I know? the year is stamped on the chair underneath the seat).These classic cane chairs are perfect in our kitchen. With all this use, we’ve had to periodically repair a seat here and there, even though we have been putting chair cushions on them.First, I would take those Thonet chairs to repair shops. But now that I have repaired a few cane chairs myself, I just want to share with you how easy it actually is.You will not need any special tools or skills for this repair. Hopefully, this tutorial inspires you and gives you the confidence to try to tackle more DIY repair projects in your own home!

How To Chalk Paint A Desk

If you love this project, grab your quick start DIY guide & subscribe to our blog!Who’s ready for a furniture flip? We’re going to teach you how to repair wood furniture while transform a wood vintage desk. This chalk paint desk turns out so good!The best time to repair damage on wood furniture is before painting.BEFORE PICTURE

New Furniture Repair Projects

Check out the new furniture repair projects. Grab a chair and join us.

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