Make an easy seat cover using a curtain rod

Slip a curtain rod through a piece of fabric, tuck it into the sofa cushions and voila! Get tutorial here

Wrap your worn-out cushions in batting

Then zip those rejuvenated seats right back into your old cushion covers. Get tutorial here

Scrub microfiber so it looks fresh and new

Microfiber has an easy cleaning fix, so that after a little work, it will look display window-ready. Get tutorial here

Unzip saggy cushions and stuff with Poly-Fil

Stuff Poly-Fil in and around your sagging cushions to plump them up. Get tutorial here

Reupholster dumpy seating using a staple gun

Cover a tired sofa without using a needle and thread, by stapling fabric into place. Get tutorial here

Use mixed fabric scraps for an eclectic vibe

Turn coordinating scraps of fabric into a fun, colorful new couch. Get tutorial here

Lay down a bright coat of spray paint

It sounds wild, but covering your sofa in fabric spray paint is a quick, bright way to upcycle. Get tutorial here

Replace trashed cushions with throw pillows

Grab the ruined cushions off the back of the sofa and fill them in with pretty pillows. Get tutorial here