Making a Wood Mould Using a Hot Glue Gun

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I scored this dresser at the thrift store for $25. It did need some work but I can’t pass up a deal!

I come across pieces often with part of a missing leg or wood trim and I usually steer away from them.

But I gave making a mould a shot for the first time as this piece was in good condition otherwise.

The tools I used to make the mould are

cooking spray

hot glue gun

wood filler

To replicate the missing piece I needed a mould. I am going to make a mould of the good leg using hot glue as a mould.

First I spray the cooking spray so the hot glue won’t stick.

Second I just layer the hot glue around the general area and let it set up and cool which just takes a few minutes.

Here is my mould! I just have it up to the missing piece of leg right here.

I added woodfill right to the missing piece and then sprayed cooking spray on the mould before taping it around this area.

It took a few hours to setup.

This is after the mould was removed. It is far from perfect but I will sand it smooth.

I took my surfprep sander to it here to get most of the blemishes out.

And here is the missing leg. It’s not perfect but I learned making a mould isn’t that difficult at all it’s just time consuming.

I like to layer and blend colors and that also helps mask the imperfections.

Here is the completed look once I got her painted and the brass hardware shined.

Find me on Instagram making things pretty or at least trying and I have a reel of painting this one there too.

Stay safe and creative!

Suggested materials:
  • Hot glue gun   (Michael’s)
  • Wood filler   (Hardware store)
  • Cooking spray   (Grocery store)
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