Asked on Jan 25, 2016

Old desk with hard rubber top needs help

by Callie
I have a very old desk that is in great condition except for the top. It is that old, hard rubber and it has a lot of dings and gashes (for lack of a better term). I have tried to fill some in with filler and it doesn't work. It can't be removed as it would damage the desk. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jan 25, 2016
    What type of filler did you use?
  • Margaret Margaret on Jan 25, 2016
    How about redoing the top with chalk paint?
    • Callie Callie on Jan 25, 2016
      I've tried that too and it doesn't look well at all.
  • Samistic Samistic on Jan 25, 2016
    My Hubby made a new top for a desk that had a crack across the top. He applied the new top using would glue and finishing nails.
  • Callie Callie on Jan 25, 2016
    I've tried wood filler (even though it's not wood), I've tried to sand it as well.
  • Callie Callie on Jan 25, 2016
    I'm afraid that is what I'm going to have to do. Thanks.
  • Moxie Moxie on Jan 25, 2016
    I wonder if you could get the rubber top to release from the wood by applyinf heat with a hair dryer?
    • Callie Callie on Jan 25, 2016
      I doubt it because it is really well done but worth a try. Thanks.
  • Margaret Margaret on Jan 25, 2016
    Well OK - how about a very thin piece of plywood to cover the entire top of the desk, add a nice trim to it and paint that?
  • MN Mom MN Mom on Jan 26, 2016
    How about purchasing a piece of faux leather and trimming it to the size of the desk top and the having a piece of glass cut to layer on top of that. You would then have a custom leather top desk and it would be protected from future damage.
  • Keemee Keemee on Jan 26, 2016
    Have you thought about vaneer?
  • Lreg Lreg on Jan 26, 2016
    I think you could use a filler like what they use on solid surface counters. Or perhaps use Bondo. I have a desk that I needed the top to be bigger. My DH made a top and then used leather mat board. No glass needed. Trimmed it with cherry. Looks good, isn't cold like glass. I had that previously and hated it.
  • Sheila Sheila on Jan 30, 2016
    take the top off and flip it over, then refinish the new "top"
  • Yol32806149 Yol32806149 on Mar 02, 2018

    Leave it the way it is. Those desks are AWESOME. Can't get them anymore. I have one myself. Took all that crud these people are suggesting off the top with no idea what i'd find underneath and STRUCK GOLD.

  • Donna Donna on Aug 09, 2020

    So how do you actually care for your rubber top desk. I love mine, but lately it is sticky and absorbs everything. Can you help? Can you date this desk?

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Aug 09, 2020

    I think the idea by MN Mom is a good one, very impressive to have a leather topped desk, you could match it to your decor, maybe even decorate the edges of it.