How to Repair Dog Chewed Table Legs

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Have you got some damaged areas of your furniture that needs repairing?
To provide a little background, this project came from our kitchen table renovation post. I would love it if you checked out this transformation too!
The legs of the kitchen table that was gifted to us were pretty chewed up by the previous owner’s dog! When I say chewed I mean to the point where the grooves were no longer visible!
The lesson I learned from this: Dogs are a man’s best friend, but not necessarily a wooden table’s.
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You may have learned through previous posts I am a bitttt impatient, so here is another confession! My initial thought was that a little sanding and some paint would mask the chewed legs, you know seeing as one’s eyes are never really that close to the legs of a table! BUT as you can see in the pictures below.. I was very wrong. They still looked so poorly!! It was obvious I needed some way to repair this eye sore.
I gave the chewed area quick sand to remove some of the paint and I was ready to begin my repair job.
I used JB Kwikwood to help me on this project. Fantastic stuff - a link is on my blog post for this product.
After some sculpting, drying and sanding time it was ready for some paint.

The final result was amazing, I have to look really hard to actually see the repaired area... 95% of our visitors do not notice it at all... perfect!
The final result was amazing, I have to look really hard to actually see the repaired area... 95% of our visitors do not notice it at all... perfect!

Please see my website below for a more detailed view of the project.
Ari Goldberg |  VivaLasDiy
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  • Mary Ewing Mary Ewing on Oct 24, 2016
    Does this product work to apply a matching stain instead of painting? I need to try this on the corner of a china cabinet
  • Dan25261926 Dan25261926 on Jun 14, 2017

    Hi! Wonderful work!!! This one and the other repairing you did on the sofa legs inspired me to do the same on a chewed light table. Though I've got a question, if I want to keep wood's grain and colour on the piece, how could I repair it? I send a fotograph to you of the victim. Thank you very much in advance!

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  • Jo-Ann Murrell Jo-Ann Murrell on Nov 25, 2016
    This is fantastic. Two days ago I purchased a used rattan porch set that is in really good condition except for the bottom of one chair leg that was chewed by the previous owner's puppy. My husband was reluctant about the purchase but I could see that it was a steal of a deal. Thanks for the idea of using wood putty to repair the damaged leg. I will definitely be trying this out. (Smile).
  • Will Davis Will Davis on Nov 16, 2017

    Really useful post! I have a 2-year-old Retriever and he's actually grown out of his furniture chewing phase, but this is still really good to know!