Wall-Mounted Magnetic Spice Rack

Hometalker Julien K paired an old photo frame with a baking tray to create a magnetic spice rack that saved countertop space in her kitchen, whilst adding much-needed contemporary style. Julien glued the back of the baking tray to a wooden frame, creating a magnetic screen, before attaching magnetic strips to each food-safe tin for individual spices. Get tutorial here

DIY Spice Rack Ideas for Pantry Doors

In an effort to create cabinet space, Shanty2Chic created her own DIY spice rack on the back of her pantry door. She now has a five-tiered shelving unit that’s large enough for all her spice containers. The unit was made of plywood, with whitewood boards used to create the shelves. She used her Kreg Jig to cut her wood to size before painting it white. Get tutorial here

Spinning Spice Rack on a Lazy Susan

Hometalker Angela’s husband created a spice rack tower fitted to a Lazy Susan, allowing it to spin for an easy selection of spices when cooking. The quilted jars fit perfectly by alternating their levels. The tower was built four-sided, housing four jars at the front and back and three on the sides. The $2.50 Lowes sample paint also offered ample coverage. Get tutorial here

Peg Board-Inspired Spice Rack

This Hometalker’s challenge was to use a pegboard as a DIY spice rack for a friend. The spice jars were labelled before screwing in the jar holders in rows of four to hold eight spice jars. The holes in the back of the pegboard frame were utilized as handy teaspoon holders – perfect for measuring (and cooking) at speed! Get tutorial here

Pizza Pan Magnetic Spice Rack

Storing spices on the wall using magnets frees up your kitchen counters. This DIY pizza pan spice rack also doubles as impressive artwork, offering contemporary steely style! This Hometalker made their own magnetic spice containers by fixing magnets to the bottom using liquid nails glue. The containers complement the rest of the kitchen utensils. Get tutorial here

Wooden Pallet Spice Rack

Using scrap wood from other projects, this Hometalker created an authentic wooden spice rack for their kitchen, completed with an effective distressed paint job. They stained the inside of the unit with teak and painted the outside with dark green paint, before roughing it up with sandpaper to engineer the distressed look and sealing the outside. Get tutorial here

Peat Pot Living Spice Rack

Hometalker Joy turned this bare kitchen wall into a pallet wood-based wall-mounted living spice rack. She sprayed the pallet pieces a chocolate brown before securing the rope and plant holders to the back. A Sharpie Oil paint marker was used to handwrite the spice names before potting the growing spices in their peat pots ready for cooking. Get tutorial here

Modified Sliding Spice Rack

Linda had an annoying space between a kitchen cabinet and gas stove so opted to create a thin sliding spice rack. Built using melamine, it was cut to size and attached to the countertop. As the new rack fits to the sliding mechanism of the countertop, the rack slides just above the kitchen floor, ensuring easy ground clearance. Get tutorial here

Space-Saving Spice Racks for Cabinets

After raising their kitchen cabinets to the top of the ceiling, this Hometalker spotted an opportunity to use the extra space below to build a custom space-saving spice rack. They opted to “stair step” each board on top of one another, gluing and nailing each board in place to create a neat two-tier space rack unit. Get tutorial here

Custom Wooden Spice Rack

Jocie opted to build a custom wooden spice rack for their kitchen using ¾” plywood and scraps of poplar and oak for the framework and shelving, with paint and backing adding more design interest. Once the framework and shelving was put together by her husband, Jocie painted the unit white and backed the unit using ModPodge scrap paper for texture. Get tutorial here

Weathered Door Becomes a Rustic Spice Rack

Hometalker Tina has a passion for characterful doors. This door had been sitting unused when she repurposed it as part of a spice rack for her rustic kitchen makeover that has little countertop space. They screwed the two sides and the top/bottom of the door to the wall, before it was backed with a marble effect and the lumber shelves were fitted. Get tutorial here

Open Up Cupboard Space With This DIY Spice Rack

Holly’s fun DIY spice rack idea helped to maximize her kitchen cabinet space. She traced the shelf for sizing on Masonite before cutting with a circular saw and measuring a 2” border for the shelf. For greater shelf support, she glued an extra piece of wood to the bottom of the Masonite spice rack before fitting it inside her kitchen pantry. Get tutorial here

Rustic Frame-Turned-Magnetic Spice Rack

Hometalker Lesley had a whopping 47 spices to reorganize in her kitchen. She opted for a rustic-yet-industrial magnetic spice rack using these frames that had been sitting on the side of a nearby road. The frame was backed with a piece of galvanized metal before it was stained a rustic brown. Clear spice tins were fitted with adhesive-backed magnets. Get tutorial here

Countertop-Free Magnetic Spice Rack

A DIY magnetic spice rack is the ideal solution to clearing countertop clutter. Each of Wanda’s clear spice tins were fitted with two small magnets on the base with epoxy glue. A sheet of galvanized steel was fitted over her kitchen tile backsplash where she wanted her spices to go. All that was left was to label her spice tins and away she went! Get tutorial here

Farmhouse-Style Magnetic Spice Rack

This easy DIY magnetic spice rack was given a farmhouse twist by Couponing4ever. She purchased a brownie pan and fitted a rustic wooden frame to the pan with glue. She wrapped six magnetic spice tins with twine, glued the wooden spoon and fork to the frame and hung it to her kitchen wall for a simple farmhouse-style spice rack makeover. Get tutorial here

Rustic Lazy Susan Spice Rack Ideas

Hometalker Lisa was fed up with hunting for spices at the back of her kitchen cabinet, so used her unused lazy Susan to create a new countertop display of spices and condiments. She used glass jars around the outside of the lazy Susan before adding a central bucket to hold corked glass tubes ideal for filling with spices. Now, everything is much more accessible! Get tutorial here