Historic Renovation in West Chester, PA

Known as "Edgewood," this home on the National Register of Historic Places was built on a Revolutionary War battlefield in 1845. Combining Gothic Revival architecture with Quaker influences - and with a tower addition built in 1889 - "Edgewood" stands out in a region dominated by Colonial architecture. Over the past century, while passing hands from homeowner to homeowner, the condition of the home gradually deteriorated.
Pine Street Carpenters renovated nearly every square foot of this home. Every detail in the home was designed to unite the historic character of the home with the homeowners' own tastes and lifestyle.
New hardscaped patio.
New master bath.
Originally the ice cellar in the sub-basement and converted into a wine cellar. The wooden staircase and band board were made from old floor joists salvaged during the renovation.
2nd floor hallway turned into a reading nook with custom Inglenook benches.
New study.
Living room.
Refinished floors and woodwork in the main hallway, with the addition of custom beadboard.
New four-season room with custom Hopes windows. Radiant floor heating is imbedded in the tile floor. The ornamental rafters along the ceiling were salvaged from the original floor joists of the existing four-season room.
During renovation, we discovered that the 4th floor of the tower was lopped off decades before. Through research at the local historical society, we discovered the original height of the tower & restored it, adding a new Mansard roof.
Restored pool with new pergola, hardscaping, and landscaping.
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