Display flowers pressed in wax paper

Choose favorite blooms from your garden or a cut bouquet, and press them with wax paper. Get tutorial here

Upcycle lightbulbs into hot air balloons

Start saving up your old lightbulbs to create these fun floating hot air balloons. Get tutorial here

Hang scraps of vintage scarves

Gather a few old scarves and turn them into pretty hanging discs with embroidery hoops. Get tutorial here

Bead a few crystal butterflies

Craft bright, glassy butterflies to float in your windows and cascade rays of sunlight all over your home. Get tutorial here

Make glossy mosaics from glass gems

Using glass gems from the Dollar Store, create a few of these colorful mosaics for your window. Get tutorial here

Make spinning beaded circlets

Choose your favorite color combo of beads and create these interlacing, spinning circles. Get tutorial here

Melt plastic cups into a colorful sculpture

Turn colorful plastic cups into a Chihuly-inspired chandelier to hang in your window and impress visitors. Get tutorial here

Cut a metal butterfly from an aluminum pan

Cut an aluminum pan into strips and roll them up, to create this shimmering, sunny butterfly. Get tutorial here

Craft a stained glass look with tissue paper

Cut an intricate design from cardstock & fill in the spaces with bits of tissue paper. Get tutorial here

Put up a spiraling string of beads

String beads along a spiraled wire for these fun, hanging decorations for your windows. Get tutorial here