The Best Solar Light Trend This Year! All Dollar Tree!

Kimberly Jonesy
by Kimberly Jonesy
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Take a humming bird feeder, solar light, and fairy figurine from the dollartree store, and create a one of a kind, unique and whimsical solar light! I made four today with dollartree solar lights.

How did I make it?

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Step One: Dollar Tree haul. Buy a humming bird feeder, a solar light with the stake, a garden figurine (they come in a three pack) and a bracelet with crystals. Total cost is four bucks!

Step Two: Take the humming bird feeder apart and the solar light apart. Make sure the solar light works. I am using silver indoor/outdoor paint this spring. (I also use copper) Spray paint one coat on all red humming bird feeder parts. Repeat after twenty minutes for this paint dries in ten minutes.

This is the Dollar Tree crystal bracelet. Remove them off the string.

Now there is three ways to place the fairy inside the feeder. On the top of the plastic feeder, have to make a hole. This can be done by drilling a hole, or heating the top with a lighter to melt the plastic and poke a hole, or, I found out my heat gun is hot enough to heat and poke threw the top. My DIY video describes it in real time.

I use some silicone with the fairy placement. I placed the crystals inside the feeder and the plastic clear part of the solar light. I use silicone to glue the two together. This is 'Loctite' marine clear waterproof silicone. This is the adhesive that will keep the light together all summer.

The cap of the solar light has the tiny light bulb. Once the decoration is inside the feeder, time to use silicone and place this cap on the top of the feeder and line up the hole you made with the light bulb.

Do not place silicone on the bulb.

For best results, I also silicone glue the stake cylinder to the clear plastic section. The black spike, I do not glue-

Carefully walk with it outdoors, and then stake it in a planter. Do not touch it for 24hours. If it is raining, take it in somewhere. The silicone has to bond for 24hours.

Wow! I ended up making two more with different inside decoration, and used a dollartree solar light to make my garden angel. It is all on my DIY video and I hope you watch it. I took a live video of the night time view and boy did this fairy solar light really dazzle! This is going to be the trend for 2019 and even into other holidays. The inside decor can be for anything small to place inside!! See you again real soon and look at my past postings.

Miss Jones from Bay City MI

DIY video linked to this post. And I will place it here, too. Bless!!

Suggested materials:
  • Plastic humming bird feeder   (dollartree)
  • Solar light   (dollartree)
  • Fairy   (dollartree)
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