Dog Salon Paper Floor

Vickie Treece
by Vickie Treece
I just finished a paper floor in a Dog Salon in a commercial building I have. It turned out great and the Salon Owner is very pleased!
This floor is done with the same process! Mix Equal parts water and Elmer's glue all. Mix it up really well. Take wadded up brown contractors paper, dip in glue mixture getting off as much excess as possible. Flatten to floor, overlapping where needed to cover entire floor. Let dry overnight. Next day start adding polyurethane, allowing to dry in between coats. We discovered that the difference in color is one side of the paper is slick and the other side is not. The slick side up is the lighter color and the non slick side up is the darker color. This picture is a little light because it is in front of a window all store front so it washed out the color on my camera. Pictures below show true color!
Polyurethane used
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  • Carol Carol on May 08, 2020

    I actually liked the lighter color! I wonder if you could add a color to the glue mix to achieve a lighter color?

  • Pat floyd Pat floyd on Jul 01, 2020

    Where can l get the grayish paper

  • Kelly satterthwaite Kelly satterthwaite on Apr 29, 2023

    Hi there. Terrific job and love the look. So when you say dip the wadded paper into the glue/water mixture do you get both sides of the paper wet with the mixture? Then take like a squeegee to take up the excess glue mixture?

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