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How to Create a Statement Ceiling Using Mandala Stencils

In the video above, Cutting Edge Stencils will provide you with all the details you need to know about how to stencil a statement ceiling. Pinterest has shown us all the possibilities of what you can do to make your ceiling stand out from the others. You can make a statement with just one bold color or you can take your statement ceiling to the next level with a stencils for painting! Statement ceilings range from geometric, tropical, floral, mural, tile etc. In this specific video, we are going to show you how to stencil a multicolor mandala around a light fixture in under an hour!

Hexagon Tile Floor Transition Entrance

After seeing numerous photos of Hexagon Tiles organically transitioning into hardwood flooring, I had to attempt this technique. I hadn’t seen any conclusive tutorials on doing this transition so I was left to my own devices. The final product turned out really sharp and has held up perfectly since it was installed two years ago.I will be installing a Zebrawood engineered hardwood flooring. This means it has a thin veneer of Zebrawood mounted on an MDF substrate and a little layer of cork on the bottom. It is important to have the tiles sitting approximately 1/16″ – 1/8″ higher than the hardwood floors. This is to minimize damage to the frail Zebrawood veneer.

Faux Marble on a Concrete Floor

We've just gotten a new marble floor and it's made of paint! The effect is so realistic, the first time we walked on it we thought the tiles would pop off of the mastic because it hadn't had time to dry. A good faux finish can really fool your mind, even when you paint it yourself!

DIY Painted Concrete Floor

Hello there! I've recently started to fix up our basement and am so exciting to show the progress! Our basement has a partially finished room with a fireplace, large laundry room and then two smaller rooms for each of our hobby/work rooms. I'm starting with the first room you see when you walk down the stairs, which we will use as a second living room/media room.

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