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Light Up Your Bedroom With A Fairy Light Kids Rug

My daughters needed a nightlight for their room, but instead of just buying something for a wall or desk, I decided to make a light up rug! Using fabric yarn and an LED rope light, I crocheted my rug in just a few simple steps. Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Faux Flagstone Patio

My sister has a plain, cement slab patio in her backyard and she wanted to give it a new look. She loves flagstone but that wasn't in her budget so I gave her the next best thing - faux flagstone!

Paper Bag (Sheet Music) Floor

Several months ago, I posted how to make over your room using paper bags. This month, I’ve been updating the bedrooms in my sister’s house. One of my nephew’s is a award winning musician so I decided to change the flooring in his bedroom using sheet music.

Ignoring The Ceiling!? Statement Ceiling Focal Point in an Afternoon!

Ceilings typically get the short end of the design deal but this year, statement ceilings are trending! Creating a bold, eye-catching look above you might be 'in' but it can also quickly overpower a room. Instead of transforming the entire ceiling, construct a statement ceiling focal point. You'll still get that trending look but it won't become overwhelming or feel heavy.

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