Beautiful Home Makeover With Malibu Wide Plank

Kara S.
by Kara S.

This post is sponsored by Malibu Wide Plank.

After moving into our new home a few months ago, the first thing we wanted to do was change out the old flooring to make the space feel lighter and brighter.

We started by clearing out the room and removing the existing floor.

Removing old flooring

This floor had seen better days, so we decided to remove everything down to the concrete slab. Luckily, we were able to keep the existing baseboards, but the quarter round had to go as well.

Rolling up old underlayment

Once the flooring was gone, we rolled up the old underlayment and replaced it with a 6 mil poly. This is a must when installing LVP over a concrete slab to help keep out the moisture.

Malibu Wide Plank flooring

We are using Malibu Wide Planks Click & Lock Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring in the color French Oak Berkeley.

We started in the left corner of our living room and attached spacers to the wall to keep our first row from sliding under the baseboards.

Installing Malibu Wide Plank flooring

We decided to start our first row with half of a plank. You can easily cut these planks by marking a line with a square, scoring the plank with a utility knife, and snapping it in half.

The first planks are installed with the groove side sticking out, so we could install the new rows into the groove and click them into place.

If the plank doesn't lay perfectly flat, you can easily unclick it, reinstall the plank, until you hear it properly click together.

Installing Malibu Wide Plank flooring

After that, we figured out that nothing in our home was square, since this is an older house, so we grabbed a laser level, set it up, and followed that line to ensure that our first row was laid as straight as possible.

When it comes to the end of the row, it is time to make a cut. Then, with your leftover piece, you can begin your new row, so long as there is a seven inch variation between the seams.

By doing this, you'll ensure that your seam pattern is staggered, since you don't want two seams right next to each other.

Installing Malibu Wide Plank flooring

You don't need to be strong to install this flooring. The pieces slide into place easily and actually if you're too rough on the seams you could break them.

We did use a mallet in some areas to make sure that they were totally clicked in but only on the short side never the long side.

Installing this was perfect for beginner DIYers because of the easy installation and, once you lay the first few rows and get into a groove you can keep moving until all of a sudden the whole room is done.

Installing Malibu Wide Plank flooring

We brought our flooring from the living room into the kitchen, entryway, and dining room. We were nervous to have the two rooms meet again, but the planks perfectly matched up, clicked together, and flowed through the whole house.

There were a few more difficult cuts to make, and for this, we utilized a skill saw for the cuts around the stairs and in some of the entryways.

Malibu Wide Plank flooring

Once the final piece was laid, we could not believe the transformation. It honestly feels like a different house. It's brighter, feels bigger, and so luxurious.

Before image of kitchen
After image of kitchen: Malibu Wide Plank flooring

The semi-gloss finish gives just enough shine, the floor never feels flat, and actually it looks like a real wood floor. Not to mention it's waterproof, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean and mop, and as dog owners, this is important to us.

We truly couldn't be happier with our new Malibu Wide Plank flooring!

Malibu Wide Plank flooring

I hope this inspired you to take a second look at your old floor. Thanks to Malibu Wide Plank for sponsoring this project.

Malibu Wide Plank flooring
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  • Kathryn Kathryn on Nov 26, 2023

    Me again. I have a question. Do you use anything for the end pieces that meet? If the ends click together like the sides, what do you do for sawed off pieces?

    • CJ CJ on Nov 26, 2023

      I'm not the poster but we have installed similar flooring. The cut ends go against the walls, the locking system edges have to interlock.

  • Sheryl Monaspa Sheryl Monaspa on Dec 19, 2023

    The results are really good, thanks for sharing the whole process! Do you mind if I try to redesign this space in 3d? Wanna create something very similar.