Beautiful Wall Hanging Craft Made From Matchboxes and Glitter Paper!

Sonali Tripathi
by Sonali Tripathi
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Decorating houses with different crafts has always been an interesting job to do. When it comes to the wall hanging crafts, they are sure to give your house an eye capturing look. Remember your grandmother and mother weaving up different designs to make the wall hangings? Today we are going to do something similar to that. Making this wall hanging is quite easier by using the matchboxes. So, through this video, let's learn how to make this adorable wall hanging craft.

Things needed

  • Empty matchboxes
  • Glitter sheets
  • Old CD
  • Craft mirrors (round, diamond and oval shaped)
  • Beaded lace
  • pearl lace and diamond lace
  • Ice-cream sticks
  • Glitter sheets
  • Glue and cutter


  • Take around 16 matchboxes and stick them with one another forming a line of 4 matchboxes each. This gives you 4 lines of matchboxes attached to each other. 
  • Now take a glitter sheet and using some glue, wrap the 4 matchbox lines using it. Use two different colors for the matchbox lines. 
  • Now for decorating the matchbox lines, take stone lace with two stones and decorate the matchboxes with it covering all 4 sides of the matchbox. Similarly, design all the matchboxes using stone lace. 
  •  Decorate the center of the matchboxes using stone lace giving it a ladder like a look. Keep the matchboxes aside. 
  • Now take all the four matchbox lines and some craft mirrors. Stick one craft mirror in each box made using the diamond lace. Decorate all the matchbox lines in the same way. Now surround the mirrors on the matchboxes using beaded lace and some glue. 
  • Now take an old CD and a glitter sheet. Apply glue on the CD and stick the glitter sheet on it. Cut out the unwanted areas using a cutter.
  • Now take some matchsticks and stick them on the CD beginning from the edge of the CD. Cover the entire CD with it giving a floral like look. 
  • Now take a craft mirror and stick it in the center of the CD. Use a beaded lace and surround the craft mirror with it. Finally, take a pearl lace and stick it around the beaded lace. 
  • Now get some ice-cream sticks. Cut a small piece of the ice-cream stick and on the support of it stick two matchbox lines such that the corners meet each other.
  • In this way, with the support of the matchsticks, make a square of the 4 decorated matchbox lines. Turn the square upside down and stick one more stick on every corner for additional support which would be visible on the corners. 
  • Now again take the ice-cream sticks and stick them long from the square corners to the center.
  • Take the decorated CD and stick it on the ice-cream sticks that meet in the center for support. 
  • For additional decoration, take mirror crafts in a diamond shape. Stick them on the ice-cream sticks joining the matchstick sides and the CD. Take four oval-shaped mirror crafts and stick them on the ice-cream sticks joining the matchboxes outer side. 
  • Turn the craft piece upside down and take a beaded lace too. Take the beaded lace and stick it on one of the square corners ice-cream stick to give the craft hanging support. 

Isn’t it a beautiful looking craft piece? The piece can be made using different glitter sheets to make it colorful. The wall hanging craft is much easy to make and hence, will not also consume much time. So, what’s your design for a wall hanging? Do mention in the comments. 

Suggested materials:
  • Empty Matchboxes   (Kitchen / Shop)
  • Glitter Paper Sheet   (Stationary Shop / Craft Store)
  • Glue gun and Cutter   (Stationary Shop / Craft Store)
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