Paint in bright geometric shapes

The turquoise, green and blue accent wall really brought this nursery together. Get tutorial here

Or paint a mosaic colored wall

This baby room is so colorful and cool! And all it took was some tape and paint. Get tutorial here

Layer with tons of techniques

This blogger went through a bunch of painting techniques to get this fresco impact. Get tutorial here

Install brick sheets for a natural look

Exposed brick is all the rage now. You can totally do it yourself with this tutorial. Get tutorial here

Trace a hexagon tray into a honeycomb accent

We love how this doesn’t take over the entire wall but still grabs your eye. Get tutorial here

Give it a sophisticated touch with a stencil

This accent wall is so chic and stylish, and it makes such a difference to the bedroom. Get tutorial here

Copy a sweater with this argyle pattern

It will be hard to get the clean lines, but this is just so cool. Get tutorial here

Use cardboard to paint pastel hexagons

No need for a stencil when you have cardboard to work with. Get tutorial here

Use a patterned wallpaper for inspiration

A similar wallpaper inspired this pattern, and then she painted it herself. Talk about impressive. Get tutorial here

Stripe your walls with gold paint

Talk about chic! This accent wall will work throughout teenagerhood. Get tutorial here

Level up with ombre

Slowly add white to each layer of paint to create this awesome ombre effect. Get tutorial here