Amazing Wall Hanging Craft From Old Bangles and Matchboxes!

Sonali Tripathi
by Sonali Tripathi
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Making something best out of waste is not only a concept taught in the schools. If the same concept is applied in houses, there are various ideas that can be helpful in decorating your house. Yes, using old and empty things in your house like cardboards, bottles, bangles, etc. you can make unique decorative wall hangings, and home decoration items.

Today, we will learn a creative wall hanging craft made using the empty matchboxes and old bangles. You will surely love making this craft!

Things needed

  • Empty matchboxes
  • Bangles
  • Glitter sheets
  • Bead laces
  • Craft mirrors
  • Stone laces
  • Glue and cutter


Step 1: Take around 10 matchboxes and few bangles. Cut the matchboxes around 1 inch from one of the sides. After cutting the matchboxes, take the inner box and fix it back inside the matchbox. This would give you many matchboxes in square shape.

Step 2: Now take some glitter papers and the bangles. Cut out some strips from the glitter paper.

Step 3: Roll or wrap the strips over the bangles to cover them properly using some glue. Use one color for three bangles.

Step 4: Now take the matchboxes and other glitter sheets. Cover the entire matchbox using the glitter sheet. Use two different colors for the matchboxes.

Step 5: Time to decorate. Take some craft mirrors and bead laces. Stick the craft mirrors and stick them in the center of the matchboxes using glue. Apply glue surrounding the craft mirror and stick the beaded lace on it. Carry out a similar process for all the matchboxes.

Step 6: Now take a stone lace with two stones. Decorate the border of the matchsticks using the stone lace and glue.

Step 7: Using a pointer, make a hole on the triangular corner of the matchbox. Apply some glue there and stick a beaded lace allowing some portion to enter inside the box and a major portion outside. Continue a similar process with other matchboxes too. This would give you hanging matchboxes.

Step 8: Now take the bangles. Place one different colored bangle in the center and use glue to stick other bangles surrounding it to make a floral-like design.

Step 9: Using the glitter strips, bind the bangles together by applying glue.

Step 10: Place the remaining two bangles on the sides opposite each other and bind them similarly too.

Step 11: Now take the matchboxes and stick the beads hanging beside the binding strips allowing it to hang inside the bangle.

Step 12: Take a beaded lace and stick it on the upper bangle to give it a hanging strip.


This wonderful and colorful wall hanging is sure to give your house a decorative look. You can add more bangles to the décor or even give the decoration your favorite shape. Such wall hangings are also used in the window sides and balconies for a decorative touch.

Thinking to gift such a wall hanging piece to your friend? Good idea! As they are quick and easy to make, they wouldn’t take much of your time. So, add your ideas to the wall hanging decoration and let us know how have you designed your house with bangles and matchboxes.

Suggested materials:
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  • Empty Matchboxes   (Home / Shop)
  • Glitter Paper Sheets   (Stationary Shop / Craft Shop)
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