Paint it a new color

Give your vanity a new look with fresh paint and new hardware. Get tutorial here

Update it with chalk-paint

Give your vanity a totally new look just by painting it. Get tutorial here

Add legs to give your vanity a lift

You’ll love the added height, and those wood feet are just so cute! Get tutorial here

Add new handles to drawers

Make your vanity edgy and fresh with metal handles. Get tutorial here

Place a small cabinet to separate the sinks

This adds storage space, and it gives the appearance of a bigger bathroom. Get tutorial here

Paint the countertop for a marble look

You get to easily update your vanity without depleting your wallet. Get tutorial here

Stain the cabinets for a rich color

Staining the wood is simple way to enhance your vanity and your bathroom. Get tutorial here

Take the cabinets off for open shelving

Stow your towels for your guests in a place they can see. Get tutorial here

Add gold-plated ceiling tile to your cabinet

This adds design and flare to your bathroom in such an easy way. Get tutorial here

Create a skirt to hide the vanity cabinets

With just a tension rod and some fabric you can give your bathroom a whole new look. Get tutorial here

Paint it a fresh color

The green vanity really brings out the gold wall paper. Get tutorial here

Use gel paint to give it a new look

Just a few coats of this stuff and you can really transform your vanity. Get tutorial here