Finish An Accent Wall In 25 Minutes

Arrange cursive stamps on a block and press the stamp into the wall coated in ink. Get tutorial here

Adhere Faux Brick On Your Wall

Measure out the area you desire the bricks and apply the veneer adhesive before pressing on the wall. Get tutorial here

Use Painter’s Tape For Buffalo Check

Paint the base color of the wall, use a tan color for the horizontal lines, and use tape for the verticals. Get tutorial here

Get Geometric With Honeycombs

Create a hexagonal template with painter’s tape, and fill in with various paint colors. Get tutorial here

Stack Cedar Plank Fencing For A Rustic Look

Age the wood with balsamic vinegar, measure out the planks, then screw into the wall. Get tutorial here

Make Monochromatic Swirling Designs

Prime the wall before beginning, mix water with Fresco, and add dimension with black paint for details. Get tutorial here

Bring In Texture With Fish Scales

Carve scale template on cardboard, and trace the scale for multiple rows. Get tutorial here

Brighten Up Your Toddler’s Room With Color

Pick several bold colors and tape down painter’s tape for the gray line to separate the colors. Get tutorial here

Stretch Tape For An Arrow Motif

Use different widths of tape to make the arrows different sizes and simply paint over the tape in the base color. Get tutorial here

Paste On Lux Walls Republic Wallpaper

Simply brush on wallpaper paster, and then roll on the Walls Republic Wallpaper. Get tutorial here

Stain Wood A Chestnut Brown

Apply 2 coats of wood stain, seal with poly, and press into place. Get tutorial here