Pirate's Boat

Katrina Warren
by Katrina Warren
Revamping cabin doors and teak wood galley on a boat
We bought an old cabin cruiser boat that needed the teak wood restored, & I wanted to do something Fun with the windows in the door going down into the galley area.
I searched the web for a mermaid picture I liked (it's been a few years since I did this, so I don't have the link for the picture anymore) Then printed the picture out in several sections to get the size I needed, taped them together then placed them on the back side of the glass panels which I had covered in clear contact paper. (door had been removed from the boat at this point) Using an X-acto knife, I then cut out the mermaid design from the contact paper & removed those sections of contact paper. Making sure all edges of the mermaid were stuck down well before moving on to the next step.
Next I covered the cut out area of the clear contact paper that the mermaids had been cut out of with Armour Etch. (this can be found at most any craft supply store) I use this stuff a lot so I bought the large bottle aprox. $37.00 but had a 40% off coupon bringing it down to $22.00. I left the armour etch on about 5 min. & then rinsed it off with a garden hose making sure to get all of the etching cream off before peeling off the contact paper.
Hear are the doors with the etched mermaids on the glass, but before the teak surround had been refinished. I actually don't have a pic of the doors re-installed with the teak refinished. What was I thinking?!!! LOL.....
Inside the boat cabin, galley area. As you can see the teak was in sad condition with the color stripped in areas, & just generally sad. Also there were cheap ugly plastic knobs on the doors & drawers.
With a little sanding, some teak oil, & new brushed nickel knobs the galley came back to life with the beauty it should have! (bottle of teak oil aprox. $22.00 & aprox. $10.00 for the knobs) For information on refinishing teak wood, go here: http://homeguides.sfgate.com/refinish-teakwood-20559.html
The wall behind the bench table in the galley was covered with icky wallpaper, & I wanted the interior to look more like the inside of a ship so we picked up a sheet of door skin (found at hardware stores for replacing the skin of damaged hollow doors) & cut it to fit the wall area. I then stained the door skin to match the color of the teak, & we put it up using liquid nails behind, & small tack nails along the edges in places. Finishing it up with a black rope cording around the edges. I love the look of it!
& just for fun, I'll throw this in too. Our boat is named "Skeleton Crew" & we had a Halloween skeleton that hung off the bow of the boat, but somehow it lost one of it's legs...
Since the boat is decorated like a pirates ship inside the cabin, I decided to take advantage of the lost leg & turn the skeleton into a pirate! Using a large wooden dowel rod, & sanding one end down into a taper using a 4" band sander, staining, & gold leafing the tapered end, I now have a Pirate Skeleton! =D Happy Sailing!!!
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  • Shells Shells on Jul 12, 2016
    Love what you did to your boat. Your boat looks like the same model that my husband and I recently purchased. Has the same doors and kitchen cabinets. We are redoing the inside as well and wondering if you could help me out. The boat had no curtains so we are looking into making some. If your had curtains, do you have the measurements or what you came up with for curtains?
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