Make DIY Organizer Home Decoration Craft From Old CD and Cardboards!

Sonali Tripathi
by Sonali Tripathi
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Recycling the unwanted cardboards and CDs to make something interesting out of it is basically considered to be an activity for children in schools. But did you, you can decorate your house with such ideas too! Yes, using the unwanted CD and cardboard pipes you can surely make out a craft for storing your cosmetic products on it. This would not only give your dressing table a clean look but will also help you reach your cosmetics easily.So, let's learn how to make a craft through this amazing video.

Things needed

  • 3 old CDs
  • 3 cylindrical cardboards
  • Glitter sheets
  • Diamond Lace
  • Cutter and scissors
  • Glue, marker, and scale

Take some cylindrical cardboards and old CDs too.

Now using a marker, make a mark on the cardboards with measurement of an inch and above that at a particular height. Cut using a cutter. Cut all the cardboards with equal heights. 

Take the cutter and partially cut the cylindrical cardboards. In the partially cut out gaps, fix the old CD to check if the cut is proper or not. 

Now take some glitter sheet. Cover all the three cylindrical cardboards using the glitter sheet. Make the cuts on the glitter sheet to that made on the cylindrical cardboard. 

Take glitter sheets and also cover the CDs using it. Cut out the unwanted sheet edges using a scissor. You can use three different sheets to make them colorful. 

Take the three CDs and the three cylindrical cardboards. Fix all the CDs in the gaps or cuts made on the cylindrical cardboards properly. This gives you three layers for your organizer. 

For decorating the organizer, take a stone lace with two diamonds and stick it to the edges of all the CDs covering all the sides. Also, cover the edges of the cylindrical cardboards below and above using the diamond lace. 

Isn’t it a wonderful way of making an organizer in a limited time period! This organizer would help you store your nail paints, lipsticks, and other makeup products at the same place. Again, you can add additional CDs to make more layers too.

So, how are you making your personal makeup organizer using the old CDs and cylindrical cardboards? Do write to us about your experience and ideas. 

Suggested materials:
  • Old CDs   (Home)
  • Cylindrical Cardboard Pipes   (Silver foil paper roll packet)
  • Glitter Paper   (Stationary Shop / Craft Store)
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  • Mammaw Mammaw on Jul 19, 2023

    Wow. So cute. Who in the world would’ve thought of such a thing. Perfect storage place for nail polish. Thank you. Have a good day. Stay safe.