Screw On Wheels For Mobile Storage

Prep the crate by sanding down the surface and add the wheels. Get tutorial here

Create A Cozy Bench On Wheels

Apply wood glue to the bottom of each crate and glue on a stair tread on top. Get tutorial here

Craft A Discrete Ottoman For The Patio

Measure the height of the chair you wish to fit the ottoman under and fit a fluffy pillow inside the crate. Get tutorial here

Help Your Dog Reach Anything With Stairs

Paint the crates your desired colors and stack a smaller crate on top of a larger one. Get tutorial here

Use A Lazy Susan For Turning Storage Crates

Bolt in the Lazy Susan mechanism and stack additional colored crates to the top till desired height. Get tutorial here

Hang Crates High For Organization

Apply wood stain to the surface of the crates and put baskets of a smaller size inside. Get tutorial here

Design A Locker With A Clean Cut Appearance

Purchase three large crates, drill in scrap wood for the supports, and add a playful knob. Get tutorial here

Recycle Your Soda Crate Into A Jewelry Holder

Coat in chalk paint and add various door knobs to hold necklaces and bracelets. Get tutorial here

Shred Your Jeans For A Crate Footstool

Paint over stencil what you want the crate to say and staple down your jeans over a cushion. Get tutorial here

Gather Your Frappuccino Needs In A Tiny Crate

Fill glass bottles with ingredients for a frap and use a nail gun to attach craft wood. Get tutorial here