Make Key Holder Wall Decoration Craft Using Cardboard!

Sonali Tripathi
by Sonali Tripathi
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Gone are the days when the key holders came with a simple design and several hooks for placing the keys. With the help of the best out of waste designs, you can easily make a key holder with a fancy look that would help in storing the keys as well as prove to be a beautiful wall decoration for your walls. Are you also looking for something decorative to store your keys in one place? Here is the tutorial you need to follow.

This House shaped key holder is made from waste cardboard. Lets learn how to make it!

Things needed

  • Cardboard sheets
  • Printed and color sheets
  • Acrylic colors and paint brush
  • Hooks
  • Artificial flowers and plants
  • Egg tray cartoon
  • Cutter and scissors
  • Glue

You can hang as many as 3 keys in this craft, but if you want more then you need to increase the number of hooks in it.

Lets start by taking a medium size cardboard and draw a medium size hut shape or house shape on it with a pencil and scale. With the help of a cutter, cut the hut shape. 

Now, cut 4 strips from the cardboard, measuring an inch bigger the slant lines of the hut. Cut them with the cutter. Now apply glue on one strip and stick another strip on it for making a thick strip. Combine the other two strips too. When combined, cut one of the edges of the strips in a slant direction. 

For making the base strip, cut 3 strips from the cardboard measuring the baseline of the hut. Combine all the three strips using some glue to make a thick base. 

Again, take another cardboard and make 2 windows out of it. First, draw the window and cut it using the cutter. In the inner part of the window, make 4 tiny boxes to give a window like a look. Cut the boxes using a cutter too. In the same way, make another window. 

Finally, using a cello tape cardboard, make a door for the house and make arcs using it. Cut the door from the cardboard. Make a border around half an inch inside the door.

Remove the outer layer of the cardboard in that portion. 

Now take some color sheets and the hut cardboard. Apply glue on the cardboard and stick the color paper on it. Cut the remaining edges of the sheet with scissors. Also, cover the windows using the color paper and make boxes by cutting them on the color paper with the cutter too. 

.Now take a printed sheet. Wrap the cardboard strips using the printed sheet from all the sides. Take the door and cut out half-inch strip for covering the outer layer of the door.For designing the inner curved portion of the door, take some acrylic colors. Color the inner part of the door using the colors and paint brush. Give the door a shading using other colors on it. 

Time to assemble all the parts of the hut. Take the slant strips and stick them on the top of the hut to make the roof. Stick the base strip on the lower part of the hut for making the base.Stick the door on the base in the center using some glue. Stick the windows on the top of the door but on the sides.  

For further decoration, take a cartoon of the egg tray. Cut the mountain like a portion from the cartoon with the cutter. Take some acrylic colors and color them too. This would give you pots for placing the flowers.

Get some artificial flowers and plants. Stick them inside the cartoons properly. Stick the pots on the base cardboard beside the door. Also, stick some artificial plants on one side of the roof from the base cardboard. 

Finally, take some hooks (around 4). Enter the hooks on the edge of the base cardboard to make a hole. Apply some glue on the hole and stick the hook inside it firmly. Similarly, enter all the hooks in the cardboard at a proper distance.

Take a wall hook and stick it using glue on the back of the roof. 

Isn’t it lovely! This kind of key holders not only are useful for storing the keys but also help in the decoration of the house, especially the walls.

The key holder can be given as many hooks as you require ranging from 1 to 5. So, what colors are your designing the key holder for keeping all your important keys? 

Suggested materials:
  • Waste Cardboard   (Any electronic product packaging)
  • Colored papers / printed sheets   (Stationary Shop / Craft Shop)
  • Cutter, Scissors, Glue, Ruler   (Stationary Shop / Craft Shop)
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  • Cathy Hale Cathy Hale on Dec 30, 2021

    While this is a very cute idea, and great for holding something like coffee mugs, dog leashes, or other items, if you are going to use it to hang keys, I would suggest you hang it inside a closet or a cabinet door, instead of next to the front or back door. If someone were to break into your home, that person has immediate access to all of your keys. They can open your shed, your detached garage, or whatever else you have keys for. They will have keys to any vehicles at your house. I had a friend who hung all her family's sets of keys by the side door to the garage. Her home was broken into while the family was on vacation. The burglars made a much larger haul than ever expected, because they had access to the garage and the family's pick-up truck. They loaded up the truck and stole that also. Just a word to the wise.