Clever Life Hacks: 10 Creative Places to Hide A Key Outside

Keeping a spare house key hidden somewhere on your property can be a lifesaver in an emergency or if you accidentally locked yourself out. However, choosing the right hiding spot can make all the difference in keeping your property secure. This article explores the best places to hide a key outside, from unique and creative options to more conventional ones.

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Read on to discover smart and innovative ways to hide your spare house key and ensure your peace of mind.

Create fake dog poop from spray foam and paint it

1. Fake dog poop key hider

To hide a spare key in an unexpected way, I used spray foam to create a fake dog poop shape and painted it to look more realistic.

Stick a spare house key to the bottom of the fake poop

I glued all the pieces together and taped the spare key to the bottom of it.

Fake dog poop key holder

This concealment strategy is a great way to hide a key in plain sight in your yard, as most people won't suspect that fake dog poop is actually a hidden key holder.

Tie fishing line to the top of the key

2. Fishing Line Trick

For an extra layer of home security, try this clever key hiding spot. First, tie a piece of fishing line to one end of your spare key. The thin line makes it almost invisible to the naked eye.

Place the key in a hammock pole

Next, head to your backyard and locate a nearby hammock or another object with a hollow pipe and cap. Remove one of the caps from the end of the hammock pole and place the key inside the pipe.

Replace the cap of the pole ensuring some fishing lines is accessible

Leave some string hanging outside and replace the cap. Now your spare key is hidden in an unexpected place that would be difficult for a burglar to find.

Hide a key in a lantern

3. Garen Decor Hidden Key Idea

There are many safe and creative ways to hide your spare keys around your yard to ensure emergency access to your home. Consider using decorative items as your hidden spare key storage.

For instance, a lantern can be a great hiding spot for your key.

Unconventional places to hide spare house key

Simply open it, place the key inside, and close it back up.


Hidden spots for spare house key

You can also use decorative ceramic pieces, I use a blackbird sculpture that is in my yard as a hidden spot for our emergency key. Place the key inside and then return the piece to its original location.

By using garden decor to keep your spare house key, you can ensure emergency access to your home without compromising your home security.

Secret hiding spots for spare house key

4. Utility Box Hiding Place

Hide a key outside in your utility box.

Stick an emergency key inside your utility box

Simply attach some tape to your key and place it inside the box before closing it up.

Place a key in outdoor cracks

5. Cracks and Crevices as Secret Hiding Spots

Check for cracks in your home's siding or columns, as these can be great places to hide a key. Simply tie the key to fishing line and squeeze it into the crack or siding, then pull on the string to retrieve the key when needed. This simple trick can save you the trouble of getting locked out, while also keeping your spare key hidden from prying eyes.

Stick a spare key to the underside of a fence post cap

6. Fence Post Concealment

Another creative way to hide spare house keys in your fence. You can simply remove the cap from one of the fence posts, attach the key to the underside with tape, and replace the cap back onto the fence post. This will create a hidden compartment that is not immediately noticeable to anyone passing by.

Where to hide spare house key outside

7. Furniture as a Key Hiding Spot

When it comes to hiding your spare house key outside, furniture can be a great option. One way is to place the key on the lip underneath a table, which is an inconspicuous spot that can keep your spare key hidden.

Hide a key in a magnetic key box in your grill

8. Magnetic key hiding boxes

Magnetic key hiding boxes are incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of places to hide spare keys. One of the best places to hide spare house keys is in one of these boxes on your grill. You can either place it under the edge on the outside of the grill or open it up and place it inside the grill. Either way, you'll have a secure and discreet spot to keep your spare key.

Place a key under a large rock

9. Use Rocks to Hide Keys

To hide a spare house key, many people turn to fake rocks, but an actual rock can be even better. Choose a large rock, attach a key to its bottom with tape, and place it in an area where it blends in with other rocks. This unique idea for hiding spare house keys is sure to keep your key safe and secure while remaining unnoticeable to others.

Hide a key behind wall art

10. Key Hiding with Outdoor Art

My final smart idea for hiding your spare house key is to take down one of your pieces of outdoor art, add some tape to the back of a key, and attach it to the backside of the art. Then, hang the art back up on the wall and the key will be hidden behind it.

More Brilliant Home Hacks

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Your Creative Guide to Hiding a Spare Key Outside

Thanks for reading through my ideas for hiding keys outside! I hope you found them helpful and inspiring. It's always important to keep your spare key in a secure location that is easily accessible during emergencies.

Can you think of any unique or unconventional ideas for hiding your spare house key? Remember, the best hiding places are often right under our noses!

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  • Gig69451122 Gig69451122 on Nov 06, 2023
    These ideas work for homes only. I misplaced my keys, & was locked out of my apartment several hours. I thought of keeping a spare hidden in my purse? But, knew a deliberate change needed, if I changed purses. Any thoughts out there? Family or friends live far away.
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  • Wes81583438 Wes81583438 on Nov 13, 2023
    Those were some great ideas on where to hide a house key outside. I plan on using one of them. Thanks.
  • Nee Nee Nee Nee on Nov 21, 2023
    I thought one time to place 3 keys in my barbecue stove but glad I did not. Someone came into my yard and stole my stove. I purchased a realtors lock box and attached it to the porch wrought post and secured the combination in my cell phone. I may try a couple of the recommendations later on. Thank you for all the suggestions.