Simple and Fun Front Door Name Plate

by Gavi
My husband and I recently moved into a new apartment. In order to make it feel more HOMEy, I really wanted to make something fun for our front door so that visiting friends and family would know they got to the correct place! I love doing simple crafts, nothing too complicated and I like the idea of mixing media. I also had a bunch of mixed materials left from previous projects so I figured I could kill 2 birds with one stone by "using it up" and taking the scraps to make something new and useful!
From a previous mosaic project, I had broken a bunch of cheap ceramic plates and for this project i wanted even smaller pieces. I took a hammer and started breaking! I initially made a bit of a mess on the dedicated craftsroom floor, and pieces went flying! Also not so safe. I consulted with a crafty friend and she recommended putting the pieces in a plastic bag and breaking them in the bag for a more confined and SAFER mess. Duh - that worked really well!
Using some grout, I arranged the broken pieces around a simple wooden plaque (also a leftover from another project - a mis-drawn picture is on the other side!) and glued them down alternating between blue and white. I liked the idea of some kind of order without being too perfect. I went for some feel of symmetry but in a light-hearted sense. I added a bit of extra grout in between the pieces for continuity and evenness.
I let the piece dry for about 2 hours. In order to remove the extra grout that had dried onto the ceramic pieces, i took a damp towel and carefully rubbed it off - super simple!
To contrast the hardness of the ceramic tiles and the grout, I wanted to add some color, and frivolity. I toyed with the idea of adding some bigger pieces of tile in the middle as well but 1) I didn't want to add too much extra weight so that it would be difficult to easily stick onto my door and 2) I liked the natural wooden background and wanted that to be part of the design! So I went through some various magazines and cut out pieces with large text so that I could individually cut out some letters to spell out our family name. I also found some fun floral pictures for added flavor!
Using everyone's favorite crafting glue, I mod Podged the cutouts onto the wooden board after having layed out the design.
I then ran an extra layer of Mod Podge over everything recently glued down to give an even finish and to make sure no edges were curling up at the sides. I let it dry for another hour.
And here is the final project up on our door! There were some old marks on the door right underneath where I stuck it on so that helped me with the placement. Because I didn't make it too heavy, I just took two strips of 2-sided tape to the back (one strip along the top and one along the bottom), pressed it on the door for about 10 seconds and voila! A fun (somewhat ransom note-y) name plaque for our new front door. Welcome Home :)
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