Transform it into a spice cabinet

Whether your kitchen is big or small, this is a brilliant way to display your spices. Get tutorial here

Transform it into a colorful hanging planter

With some bright blue paint, this fits perfectly in a fairy or junk garden. Get tutorial here

Turn it into an authentic book shelf

The frosted glass design is in a league of its own. Get tutorial here

Upgrade your bed with a headboard

The distressed wood brings the entire room together. Get tutorial here

Or paint it white for a pristine look

You won’t be able to tell it was once an old broken door. Get tutorial here

Turn it into an entryway

Attached to a gate, this is the cutest way to enter your home. Get tutorial here

Add it for some country cottage lounging

The canvas skirt around the cornered beds is just so chic. Get tutorial here

Stack them side by side for an eclectic fence

Keep your house private but welcoming with this brilliant idea. Get tutorial here

Use them to hold antique sconces

The whitewashed paint and sanded wood makes this old door look perfect. Get tutorial here

Build it into an awesome wine bar

You’ll be so tempted to serve your guests drinks from this every time. Get tutorial here

Turn it into a message center

Add chalkboard paint for cute reminders and messages. Get tutorial here

Give yourself a new clothes closet

I wish I’d known this before I bought a closet for my bedroom. Get tutorial here

Hang it up as fun wall decor

Some chalkboard and magnetic paint makes this a fun interactive board. Get tutorial here