17 DIY Witch Decor Ideas: Hats, Brooms & Dangling Legs, Oh My!

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Welcome to a world of spell-binding Halloween enchantment and DIY witch decor! As the spooky season approaches, it's time to brew up some wickedly delightful decorations that will transform your space into a bewitching wonderland.

From whimsical witch hats to charming door hangers, this collection of Halloween witch decor ideas is sure to spark your imagination and help you conjure up inspiration. Let the Halloween magic begin!

DIY witch hat decorations

Hanging witch hats

1. Hanging witch hats

Create a bewitching atmosphere at your Halloween party with these DIY hanging witch hat luminaries by Amanda C. Decorate witch's hats with glitter and tape, then add hanging flameless tea lights inside for an enchanting glow. This simple and creative craft is perfect for adding spooky fun to your Halloween decor.

Just follow the easy steps to tape, glue, and glitter your way to these hanging witch hats. Whether you opt for intricate designs or keep them plain, these luminaries are sure to cast a spell on your guests and elevate your festive ambiance.

Witch hat display stand

2. Witch hat display stand

Create elegant and stately Halloween decor with a touch of Victorian charm by crafting a witch's hat display stand like Hometalker A. Begin with a safety cone coated in black spray paint and glitter, and use a tin plate as the base.

Adorn the plate with black and orange mesh ribbons, adding layers for depth. Glue the cone onto the plate's center and embellish with decorative satin ribbon and glittery net tubing. This cute centerpiece gives off vintage Halloween vibes.

Witch hat lawn decoration

3. Witch hat lawn decoration

Next, Megan at The Crafty Quinn shows us how to make a larger-than-life DIY giant witch hat lawn decoration. Utilize a tomato plant stand from Lowes, bending the top points to form the hat shape and securing them with zip ties.

Add outdoor lights inside the wire frame, covering it with gardening fabric and gluing the fabric together from top to bottom. Attach a 19-inch hoop as the bottom rim, completing the look.

This impressive outdoor decoration is crafted from easily accessible gardening materials, transforming your lawn into a Halloween scene.

Floating witch hat porch decor

4. Floating witch hat porch decor

Get ready to add magic to your porch this October with an easy and budget-friendly idea by Eliscia: floating witch hats. Inspired by the love for witches and movies like Hocus Pocus, this project requires fish line, witch hats, scissors, and a staple gun.

Simply double knot the fish line to the tip of each hat, leaving about 12 inches of line before cutting and repeating for all hats. Hang the hats from a chosen location, securing them with staples and extra knots for stability.

Your porch is now the perfect backdrop for Trick or Treaters and photo opportunities.

Witch hat wreath with dangling legs

5. Witch hat wreath

Michele Westlake Sigler shows us how to create a quick Halloween-themed front door decoration with this easy DIY witch hat wreath.

Bend a tinsel wreath into the shape of a witch hat, forming the top and brim. Attach bendable legs to the top of the hat, then add deco mesh by twisting it between tinsel ties to create a skirt-like effect.

Complete the look by stacking and attaching ribbon bows to the mesh, giving the wreath a full and festive appearance. Your front door will be Halloween-ready in just 30 minutes, ready for trick-or-treaters.

Witch hat door hanger

6. Witch hat door hanger

Next up, Rob & Courtney M demonstrate how to create an adorable witch's hat door hanger for Halloween, even if spooky decorations aren't your style. Use a witch's hat as the base and gather artificial flowers, glittery spiders, black boa feathers, a hot glue gun, rubber bands, and clips.

Arrange and tie the flowers, secure them with a feather boa or ribbon, bend the hat's wire brim, add spiders creatively with hot glue, and attach clips and a feather boa for hanging. You can even add battery-powered fairy lights for an extra magical touch.

Pink felt mini witch hats

7. Pink felt mini witch hats

Now for something completely different! Liveforcreating shows us how to craft vibrant and colorful mini witch hats using felt, glitter tulle, hot glue, stuffing, and ribbon.

Create a template from a cereal box, secure glitter tulle to pink felt, cut out the hat shape, glue the seam neatly, and stuff the hat with old pillow filling. Wrap the hat's bottom with tulle, secure with glue, and add a clear ribbon with a long tail.

Make a bow with additional ribbon and glue it to the back. Use glitter ribbon to craft a square piece for the front, and consider using these mini hats as tags, basket decorations, hanging decor, or even wands by attaching them to dowels.

Halloween decor including a vintage portrait with witch hat

8. Vintage portraits with witch hats

Transform vintage portraits into Halloween witch decor using thrifted frames, black acrylic paint, and cardstock. Paint the frame, find a vintage photograph (or use your own family photos), and create a witch hat from black cardstock.

Cut the hat by hand or use a paper-cutting machine if available. Attach the hat to the photo using removable mounting putty, ensuring it fits within the frame. Display your adorable witch-themed decoration with minimal effort.

DIY witch broom decorations

Flying lessons sign with a witch's broom

9. Flying lessons sign

Next, Lovesunique shows us how to craft a Halloween-themed sign with a touch of whimsy. Create a "Flying Lessons by appt. only" sign using a scrap of wood, painting it black and adding an orange frame. Hand-letter the text using black paint and seal it for durability.

Attach a broom to the sign with eye hooks, chain, and "s" hooks, creating a decoration that can withstand the elements and add character to your Halloween decor.

Broken lamp to witch's broom

10. Broken lamp to witch's broom

Transform a broken lamp into a magical witches' broom with this creative DIY project by Vicki Rogers. Repurpose child-size hula skirts and a door knob to craft the broom's bristles. After removing the lamp's wiring, paint it with a champagne metallic color.

Attach the hula skirts and add layers of paint to achieve the desired thickness and magical appearance. Enhance the broom with a door knob, cheesecloth, and a spider.

Pair it with a refurbished old lady mannequin to give your broom an owner and complete your Halloween decor.

Fall porch decor with a witch's broom

11. Witch broom porch decor

Next up, Paige, shows us how to create a DIY witch broom decoration for Halloween without breaking the bank. Begin by collecting natural materials like branches, twigs, dried grass, and wheat from your backyard or surroundings.

Assemble the broom by arranging smaller pieces in the center, securing them with twine or string. Gradually add larger pieces to the outside, creating width and dimension. Wrap twine or string around the bristles to hold them in place securely.

Optional steps include adding angle pieces for extra movement and using fishing line to hang the broom. Display your unique creation with pride for a budget-friendly Halloween decoration.

DIY witch legs

Witch leg wreath

12. Witch leg wreath

Stacy Davis shares how to craft an amusing witch's bottom wreath. Using Dollar Tree socks and black fabric, create comical witch legs, and stuff them for a playful effect.

Start your wreath with a Dollar Tree green wreath form, spray-painted gold, and adorned with tulle wrapped around in alternating layers. Attach Dollar Tree witches legs filled with rice, sandwiched between a styrofoam plate, old craft pillow, and fabric. Optionally, add Dollar Tree bats for extra flair.

Witch leg planter

13. Witch leg planter

Lovesunique shows us how to create a budget-friendly "Witch Way" yard decoration by repurposing materials. Cut an old broom handle in half, insert pool noodles for legs, and secure them to tomato stakes anchored in the ground. Slip socks over the noodles and attach shoes.

Enhance her look with purple underwear stuffed with packing material for a body, and drape landscape material for a cape. Add character with black cats, sunflowers, and pumpkins, evolving her appearance with spray-painted shoes and added arms.

Floating umbrella witch

14. Floating umbrella witch

Mary @ Home is Where the Boat Is was inspired to make a floating umbrella witch for Halloween using an umbrella, witch legs, black mesh, tulle, and decorative elements.

To recreate this fun decor piece, remove the umbrella handle, attach witch legs covered in mesh, and suspend them from the umbrella using pipe cleaners. Add tulle for the skirt and embellish with glittery spiders and sequin tulle. Hang the umbrella witch from the ceiling for a Halloween party. Customize with ribbons, feather boas, or fabric drapes.

Witch's legs in a bush

15. Witch's legs in a bush

If these witch's legs look real, that's because Meredith from Arts & Classy cleverly made a cast of her own! Follow her instructions to learn how to create DIY witch's legs for Halloween decor using Saran Wrap, duct tape, pool noodles, stuffing, a striped sock, and a shoe or boot.

Wrap Saran Wrap around your leg, then cover it with duct tape for support. Cut and remove the cast, repair any tears with duct tape and pool noodles, and stuff the leg with batting and pool noodles. Cover with orange duct tape and add a striped sock. Attach a shoe or boot to the end. Repeat for the other leg.

This easy and creative project is sure to surprise trick-or-treaters.

Other Halloween witch decor ideas

Witch shoes centerpiece

16. Witch shoes centerpiece

Next, Vicki Rogers demonstrates how to create a Halloween witch shoes centerpiece with repurposed gold shoes and a broomstick. Paint the shoe soles black and add silver foam half-moon buckles adorned with craft stones. Attach stick-on letters to the shoe soles for a fun detail.

Craft a broomstick using plant stakes wrapped in twine, adorned with moss, floral tinsel, and curled ends. Wrap the long laces around the broomstick and tie a bow.

Fill the shoes with moss, floral pieces, and decorative frog pin, and attach the broomstick to a black balloon weight. Complete the look with a silver foam tag and enjoy this addition to your Halloween decor.

Witch wall decor

17. Witch wall decor

Shelly L Nemeth shows us how to turn a spare frame into witch wall art using an old frame and various craft materials. Cover the frame's background with contact paper, then add a vinyl "Witches Brew" label. Attach a mini broom, a mini witch hat, mini bat, and mini witch shoes to the frame using hot glue.

Create witch's legs from cardboard and black pipe cleaners, positioning them as if she fell into the pot. Glue the legs, hat, and broom in place. The result is a cute Halloween decoration that can hang or be displayed on a table.

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DIY witch decor for Halloween

As the moon rises and the shadows grow longer, we hope these DIY Halloween witch decor ideas have inspired you to scare all who dare to enter your haunted domain! Which project were you most impressed by? Let us know in the comments below.

Happy crafting, and may your Halloween be filled with enchantment, laughter, and magic!

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