Witch Shoes Halloween Decoration

I came across these gold shoes with very, very long laces for a dollar, and thought they would make a cute Halloween decoration, I'm hosting my first witches tea party this year for a little Halloween fun with the ladies, but I really don't like real scary stuff and especially not gory. I like bling though! Lo.
I started by painting the soles black since they were a cream color. I made half moon buckles from silver foam.
I glued on craft stones and the buckles to the toes of the shoes. I used stick on letters on the sole of the shoe.
I needed a broom stick, so I went outside and found plant stakes wrapped with this twine stuff. I cut strips out of the twine and glued it around the stick.
I glued moss around it and unraveled the ends. I cut pieces from floral tinsel and glued it on and curled the ends.
I wrapped the long laces around the broom stick and glued it at the top and tied a bow.
I glued moss to the foam in the shoes and added a few floral pieces and a frog pin I've had for a long time.
The broom stick is glued into a black balloon weight. I made the little tag from the silver foam, put a little black paint on it and the letters.
It was kind of tricky to get a picture of the whole thing on my kitchen table. Hope you enjoyed this idea! :)

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  • Shari Veater Shari Veater on Oct 19, 2015
    So cute! I too have a pair I found at Goodwill, that I team up with a cape, hat and broom :)

  • Kate Kate on Oct 05, 2016
    Now you've got me thinking I should do *something* with my wedding shoes. They aren't a style I'm ever likely to wear again, but they're pretty, and a memento that I'd like to make more of than shoving them at the back of a cupboard.