Repurposed Plumbing Piping Light Fixtures

It doesn’t get much more industrial than these re-purposed copper pipes that have been fitted onto salvaged wood and turned into stylish industrial lighting fixtures. You can just about make out the strip of wood that the piping has been fixed too, which has been painted an industrial copper color to blend in and not detract from the stylish pipework. Get tutorial here

Industrial Chic Hanging Bulbs

Hometalker Zest it Up was keen to alter their office lighting during their makeover, stripping out the garish fluorescent lighting and replacing it with industrial chic hanging bulbs.The bulbs were cloth-covered Second cords and wrapped around this chunky black walnut beam, complete with raw edging. This once sterile office now has real character! Get tutorial here

Clear Globe Industrial Lighting Fixtures for Bathrooms

Leslie’s bathroom used to be dreary but her new patterned walls have been offset by these stunning clear glass globe lights that disperse the light in her bathroom. She opted to pair her glass globes with filament bulbs to create that industrial chic look. This double industrial lighting fixture offers clean lines and an excellent use of wall space. Get tutorial here

Wired Industrial Accents for a Kid’s Bedroom

Tara Marie opted to transform a boring glass light fixture to get the look of industrial lighting fixtures. She hung a steel basket over the top of the new glass fitting for great results. As a fan of industrial accents, Tara used the clips from a hanging fruit basket onto the new light fixture before attaching the basket – which was also painted grey. Get tutorial here

Black Industrial Wall Light Fixtures

Dessya was keen to freshen-up her bathroom light fixture that looked dirty and tired. She sanded the metal parts and sprayed it black before adding three new Edison light bulbs. The Rust-Oleum black spray paint has created an industrial chic matte finish and the long, thin Edison light bulbs also encourage that warehouse/industrial vibe. Get tutorial here

Stunning Suspended Steel Industrial Kitchen Lights

Dara’s husband found an 11-foot old steel beam to use as part of an industrial kitchen light fixture. After spraying and treating it, the beam was fitted with three schoolhouse style lights. After finding the center holes, they drilled 5/16” holes to fit the new lights. The beam was suspended using chains and bolts, adding to the industrial finish. Get tutorial here

Steel Utensil Holders-Turned-Pendant Lights

This industrial light fixture started with an old electrical spool used as a ceiling medallion. They used steel utensil holders to assemble sleek pendant lights secured to the spool. These lights created a cool industrial teen bedroom. The electrical fixtures were also picked up from IKEA with the utensil holders and hidden behind the medallion. Get tutorial here

Re-purposed Industrial Pendant Lights for Dining Rooms

Clok Concept disassembled a fitted light to use parts for a re-purposed row of industrial pendant lights. The beam was made of faux barn wood, concealing the electrical wires for all four lights. All of the screw holes, electric covers, and light shades were spray painted in a smokey detailing, along with the beam, before screwing it to the ceiling. Get tutorial here

Industrial Farmhouse-Style Cage Light

This Hometalker’s “light bulb moment” saw her create a cage light to add industrial farmhouse chic to her hallway. The vintage light was encased in a gutter strainer to look like chicken wire. The strainer was flexible and open on one side, making it easy to fit around the plastic fitting of the vintage light bulb that normally holds a glass globe. Get tutorial here

Homemade Industrial Sconce for Living Rooms

This make-your-own DIY industrial sconce cost less than $50 and was built using a wooden shelf bracket, light kit, industrial shade and light bulb, designed to sit next to a rustic chalkboard. Hometalker Tara painted the bracket using black craft paint to blend with the industrial wired shade, before screwing in a vintage a 60 watt Edison bulb. Get tutorial here

Unique Pipe Light Fixtures Ideal for Washrooms

Pipe lights are unique and industrial-looking and Hometalker Bryan opted to make his own above an upstairs washroom sink. He used steel pipe clamps to anchor the pipework to the ceiling. Bryan fitted a faux red plumbing valve onto a threaded coupling to add greater authenticity. He used a voltage detector and a plug to test the pipe light prior to installation. Get tutorial here

Brass Cage Strip Lighting

This brass strip lighting was given a contemporary makeover, turning it from a “fugly” 80s/90s row of bare bulbs into a row of brass cage strip lights using the inner part of lamp shades. Each shade cage was sprayed with black paint before affixing them with epoxy to the light sockets. Edison light bulbs complete the vintage industrial look. Get tutorial here

Rustic and Romantic Industrial Light Cages

These industrial light cages are a great way to create a romantic centerpiece for a cozy living room, wrapping them in vintage sheet music and lit by a battery-operated LED candle. These re-purposed light cages were found from salvage shops, before coiling up vintage sheet music inside each cage. Multi-colored LED tealights are ideal to set the mood. Get tutorial here

Industrial Gold Skewer Wall Light

This antique-looking gold hanging pendant cost only $14, with a further $7 of craft supplies to make it sing. The industrial light frame was made using skewers and balls of clay, before being sprayed gold. One piece of clay was made into a horseshoe shape to house the Edison-style light, which offsets the gold-copper frame, creating a unique feature for Shawna’s study. Get tutorial here

DIY Industrial Light Box

Laurel copied her husband’s LED cabinet lighting for their kitchen, applying it to a shadow box for their living room. Adhesive LED lights were taped to the underside of this plain glass frame. The frame was given two coats of frosted glass spray before applying a “je t’aime” sticker backlit by the LED lights, creating a romantic mood for Valentine’s Day. Get tutorial here

Industrial 'Light Fitting' for a Summer House

This Hometalker’s summer house needed a ceiling light but lacked a direct electricity supply. Battery-operated LED lights were the obvious option, wrapped around an industrial chic beam. A 30cm piece of timber was cut and varnished before being hung via another fixed beam using black cord threaded through eyelets, acting as a ‘cradle’. Get tutorial here

Hanging Doily Lamp With Industrial Chic Swag

Claudia craved intimate lighting in her family’s kitchen, so used an old lampshade and covered it in doilies before using a swag lamp kit to hang it impressively above her dining table. The lampshade was cleaned and painted and the doilies were already at home. Claudia opted for a red cloth-covered cord for swagging it from the ceiling to the table. Get tutorial here

Wall-Mounted Industrial Vanity Lighting

Jeanette’s existing vanity light in her bathroom was unattractive and gave off an uncomfortable light. These new fixed industrial lights offer a softer, more refined light above her sink. These standard builders grade lights were replaced by a piece of timber that was wall-mounted, along with a strip of five angled modern-rustic light fixtures. Get tutorial here

From a Fan to a Light Fixture.

This Hometalker turned their greenhouse fan into a stunning industrial lighting fixture for their dining room. After removing the motor and blades, a piece of wood held the “pendant” in place. The pendant was the most expensive part of this project, costing $20. The fan has been cleaned and it's cream color complements the dining room aesthetic perfectly. Get tutorial here

Repurposed Glass Bottle Light Fitting

Robin loved the way re-purposed glass bottles look as industrial lighting fixtures, so she created her own. Using a bottle cutter, she allowed enough space to hold the socket and bulb inside. To insert the wiring through the glass top, she had to remove the wires, before pushing the loose wire into the bottle. A new vintage pendant light was then connected. Get tutorial here

Industrial Mason Jar Lights Ideal for Kitchens

These industrial glass mason jars are over 25 years old and Susan eventually opted to use them as a fun jar kitchen light fixture. Holes were placed in the mason jar lids to fit the pipework. After connecting the wires to the electrical caps and buying enough wire to fit the length of the conduits, the jars could be fitted, with the bulbs giving off a warm, homely glow. Get tutorial here