Paint Furniture

The rise in popularity of chalk paint furniture means that this is a fashionable style you might want to try. The image above shows us how you can get a terrific look at very little cost. Hometalker Knelso18 took the slow and steady approach to improving a rather tired old console table. The impressive results show us exactly how this type of paint can make old pieces of furniture look great once again.  Get tutorial here

Paint a Settee

Versatile and practical, chalk paint can also work wonders on a settee in need of a fresh new look. This project involved Hometalker Angela buying an inexpensive settee at a thrift store and making it far more attractive by painting it. This is an enjoyable type of DIY project that brings instant results. As you can see, this sort of paint isn’t only used for the distressed look either. Get tutorial here

Paint the Floors and Walls

It is also possible to use chalk paint to cover the walls and the floors of your home if you want. The image you can see above sh Get tutorial here

Paint Kids' Furniture

Chalk paint furniture can be perfect for a child’s room, with bright and bold designs possible.  The fun chair pictured her Get tutorial here

Use it on Carved Surfaces

The thought of painted intricately carved surfaces may seem more than a little daunting at first. Thankfully, there are Get tutorial here

The No-Sanding, Layered Look

Do you want a layered finish without the hassle of all that sanding that this usually involves? This terrific technique ach Get tutorial here

How to Sand Chalk Paint Indoors

Many projects involving chalk paint require sanding to get the desired effect, which can be messy. A neat solution to let you do t Get tutorial here

Paint a Rug

Since finding the perfectly colored rug can be difficult, could it make sense to paint one instead? This is the idea Hometalker Gabi t Get tutorial here

Paint Over a Waxed Surface

Have you ever wondered what type of paint you need to use to cover a waxed surface in a new color? Hometalker Linakarolina dec Get tutorial here

Get a New Fireplace Look

You might never think of painting the fireplace, but it is a way to make this feature look better. Take a look at the image abo Get tutorial here

Create a Striped Effect

When you use chalk paint, it is possible to create stunning effects that really catch the eye. A great example comes from this Get tutorial here

How to Chalk Paint Your Stairs With Annie Slo

The chance to give your stairs a makeover is another reason for considering Annie Sloan chalk paint. This is a tricky proj Get tutorial here

Paint Mirrors Too

A tired old mirror can have new life breathed into it when you use chalk paint for a new look. The example above is from the Hometalker Where The Smil Get tutorial here

Update Your Garden Pots

You can also use your chalk paint in the garden as well as inside your home, with ideas like this. Here, a date Get tutorial here

Get a Lovely Look in the Kitchen

The kitchen is another part of the house that can be enhanced by using this sort of fun paint. The kitchen look shown here by Hometa Get tutorial here

Add Sophistication to Stencil Designs

Adding stencil designs using chalk paint is another cool way of using this paint to great effect. In this case, the Roy Get tutorial here

Perfect a DIY Plank Wall

A plank wall can liven up any room, especially when it is painted using pretty colors. The project we're featuring here was conceived and carried out Get tutorial here