Reliable Ladder Blanket Rack

Instead of paying $250 to hang her blankets, Noting Grace made her own. Taking two strips of wood approximately 5ft long, she attached four crossbeams using two screws at each end. Standard black paint was strategically wiped over certain sections before wood stain and grey satin were also added. The trick to making this ladder blanket rack look authentic was to keep the rough texture of the wood in order to get a real rustic feel. Get tutorial here

Beautiful Baby’s Blanket Ladder

As a parent, there are never enough places to hang your baby’s blankets. With this piece, you can store your swaddles in style. For this blanket ladder, Chelsea started with 6ft supports and cut her rungs wide enough to accommodate two blankets. From there, the edges were rounded. Finally, screws held the rungs in place while putty filled the holes. The piece was finished in dark stain applied with an old t-shirt to retain the wood’s natural texture. Get tutorial here

The One Hour DIY Blanket Ladder

If you’ve got an hour to spare, try this DIY blanket ladder. Measuring 54” tall and just over 13” wide, this blanket ladder came together from some 2”x4” and a few screws. For Amanda Jones, the devil was in the detail. After cutting and sanding, she angled her rungs (instead of having them flat) and used two screws each side. Doing this not only made the finished product secure but also gave it a unique look. Get tutorial here

Rustic Ladder Blanket Rack

The rustic look and blanket ladders go together like leaves on a tree. With that in mind, Cami put together this simple rack and choose the perfect stain for a natural look. After building a standard ladder frame, Cami got the style she wanted by sanding the wood and applying a walnut stain. The trick here was using a dry brush and a rag. Doing this will thin the stain and accentuate the natural grain of the wood. Get tutorial here

Brilliant Bamboo Blanket Ladder

To take the natural vibe to another level, check out this fantastic piece from Gina. Swapping wood for bamboo, Gina created this impressive blanket ladder using a few screws and some twine. After cutting the bamboo to size, she marked and drilled pilot holes. Doing this meant she could avoid splitting the canes when she screwed the rungs into place. Once the frame was secure, twine was wrapped around the joints to give the appearance of a natural finish. Get tutorial here

Stylish DIY Blanket Ladder Shelf

With the right angle and support, you can make a blanket ladder that doubles as a shelving unit. For this project, Feri Designs started with two rails and cut four pairs of supports at decreasing lengths (from 6” to 15”). Starting with the shortest at the top, the supports were screwed in place before two additional rails were added. To finish, shelves were fixed in the center and the hanger was stained. Get tutorial here

A Blanket Ladder with Perfect Stability

Using six pieces of timber, you can recreate this stylish DIY blanket ladder. To replicate this project, take any wood you have and screw braces into the side supports. For uniformity, Noting Grace used an antique glaze. With the frame complete, the key to success with this blanket ladder is to angle the bottom of the stand. By doing this and adding felt pads, your ladder won’t scuff the floor and will lean at the perfect angle. Get tutorial here

The Best Bathroom Blanket Ladder

It doesn’t matter if it’s blankets or towels, the right ladder rack can work anywhere in your home. For this piece, Susanna constructed a blanket ladder over her toilet. Once she’d cut her side supports, the top rung was screwed into place. She then took a basket and measured two inches from the bottom to get the placement for her second rung. It’s important to play with the height to ensure you have clearance between the basket and toilet. Get tutorial here

Fabulous Farmhouse Blanket Ladder

Although she used it for decorative purposes, you can re-purpose this idea from Katie Tennis to create a wonderfully rustic blanket ladder. To get the farmhouse look she wanted, Katie used furring and lath strips. The rounded edges made for a smoother finish that complements the natural style. After she stained with a 1” chip brush and wiping with an old towel, the look was completed by wrapping twine around the joints. Get tutorial here

From Blankets to Steps: Bedside Display Unit

You don’t always have to hang blankets from a ladder. Looking to utilize space and break rank with traditional blanket ladder designs, Funky Junk made this ingenious bedside unit. With little room to spare, she went up by using a ladder. After screwing wooden boards into the steps to create shelves, she stained and added a selection of vintage decorations for an ingenious and useful take on the classic blanket ladder. Get tutorial here

Fun Festive DIY Blanket Ladder

Who says your blanket ladder always needs to hold blankets? As you can see from this project, Shelly turned her hanger into a festive wonder. To construct her blanket rack, Shelly cut three 2”x2” boards into four 16” lengths and two 80” supports. After she screwed it all together, fairy lights, a decorative blanket, a few logs, and a green wreath were added to complete this stunning seasonal surprise. Get tutorial here

Simple Spindle Ladder Blanket Rack

For an altogether quirkier blanket ladder, try this idea from Country Design Style. Adding her own twist, this Hometalker used spindles instead of wooden boards. Starting with two uprights that were approximately 5ft long, she placed five different spindles across the middle. Using glue and clamps, she completed the ladder by nailing the spindles into the frame. The great thing about this project is that the design stands out on its own without the need for paint. Get tutorial here

From Closet to Innovative Blanket Ladder

When you want to hang your blankets in a novel way, Funky Junk Interiors has a great solution. For this DIY blanket ladder, she stripped down an old closet and removed the dowels. Once she’d done that, she screwed them into two 2”x4” supports. A top tip is to drill pilot holes first and hold the dowel with one hand as you insert the screws. When the frame was finished, hangers were added so she could hang blankets and more. Get tutorial here

Delightful Blanket Ladder Decoration

Once you’ve made your blanket ladder, the only thing left to do is decorate it. Although many of our top designs utilize the natural look, Our Crafty Mom worked with the natural imperfections of her wood by using a light blue stain. To that, she added small details such as ribbons and fern to enhance the natural vibe. For your project, try something similar and see how a simple frame can become the centerpiece of any room. Get tutorial here

DIY Blanket Ladder: Perfect Pottery Barn Replica

Taking inspiration from a $180 Pottery Barn blanket ladder, Hometalker Corey created this affordable alternative. To make her frame, Corey cut two pieces of 8ft wood into 5ft side supports. For the rungs, she measured and cut the remaining wood at 18” intervals. Spacing the rungs 12” part, she spot-glued them onto the side rails before fixing with screws. Finally, she stained and added a coat of sealer to ensure a smooth, glossy finish. Get tutorial here