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Grain Sack Inspired Curtains From Drop Cloths & Sew!

One of our guest rooms in the cabin has twin beds, rustic, and youthful. At least that's where I keep the toy box. We needed curtains. Not for privacy since the room is upstairs and we live next to the woods, but guests usually are uncomfortable in a unfamiliar place without curtains.
I didn't want to spend a lot or sew at all!
So, I bought three 6 x 9 drop cloths to cut in half for three windows. I also bought one 9 x 12 for a shower curtain. Guests like shower curtains too!

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Framed Pumpkins Made From Thrift Shop Frames

I wanted something different for pumpkins on my display shelf this year. I think I found different! I used inexpensive thrift shop frames to make these pumpkins. I wanted an orange cable knit wool sweater to make these, but that's a bit hard to find. Especially in our small town. So after some think I came up with a good second best. I gathered some sticks from the yard that make fun pumpkin stems.

freezer organization, organizing, shelving ideas, Narrow shelf above to lay food flat When it freezes I stack like books on wider shelf below

Freezer Organization

Move a freezer shelf up for a narrow area to lay food flat to freeze and open a wider shelf below to store frozen food like books on a shelf. This saves freezer space and helps food defrost faster. I write the contents along the side as well.

how to get the chippy paint technique in a unique way, Finished chippy door

How to Get the Chippy Paint Technique in a Unique Way

What is the number one tool needed to paint besides the paint?If you said a paintbrush, in most cases you would be right. But if you’re wanting a chippy paint look, this technique doesn’t require a paint brush.I was inspired by an old chest in one of my grandparent's outbuildings. The chest was long forgotten, except by me. The chipped finish showed layers of paint. I wanted THAT look.

deconstructed flower banner like pulling heads off dolls, crafts, how to, repurposing upcycling

Deconstructed Flower Pulling Heads Off Dolls!

What can you make with an arm load of dollar store silk flowers?
A huge flower banner for spring!
Fun project for the kiddos too. They can pull the flowers apart...kind of like pulling heads off dolls.

create this practical diy craft organizer with a lamp

Create This Practical DIY Craft Organizer With a Lampshade

A lampshade makes a fun party hat, but it makes a better organizer for craft supplies. I planned to use this in my craft room upstairs, but I looks so cool it's still in the living room. I missed out on the organizing gene. It's not fun for me. But I'm having a blast organizing the small crafting supplies. Not more lost buttons in a drawer. I'm surprised by how much a lampshade holds.

how to make an insane metal wreath this weekend

How to Make an Insane Metal Wreath This Weekend

We don't drink much soda, so the longest part of this project was gathering our cans. This project is similar to my autumn leaves wreath only it is floral for spring. The metal of aluminum cans is soft and easy to cut with scissors. Please do wear gloves.

overcome clutter in the kitchen with a one board project

Overcome Clutter in the Kitchen With a One Board Project

I’m an average cook walking into the kitchen 30 minutes before the tummy rumbles with no idea what to make. This routine happens every night. This project will not help me decide what to make.But, I’m convinced it will make dinner appear on the table faster. One board, one project, no leftovers other than a pile of sawdust.

rustic smocked drop cloth curtains because i m cheap, home decor, repurposing upcycling, Rustic Smocked Drop Cloth Curtains

Rustic Smocked Drop Cloth Curtains, Because I'm Cheap!

Okay I'm cheap and had 3 windows and a shower to dress up somehow, hum?? So a trip to the hardware store and $40 later I had enough material to cover everything. I love the look of smocked curtains for the guest room, but I'm looking at a pile of canvas! So, I combine to two. Rustic canvas drop cloth with smocking done by hand.

you ll be saving scrap pieces of twine for this spring wreath, crafts, wreaths

You'll Be Saving Scrap Pieces of Twine for This Spring Wreath.

Do you ever have an idea and want to try it to see if it will work? It happened to me a couple of days ago. I wasn't sure until the final "uncovering" if this one would work. It could have been a sticky mess in the kitchen. Instead I made a spring wreath using bits of twine.

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