Witch Way?

by Lovesunique
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There are lots of ideas for witches making a wrong turn. I decided to just throw one together with what I had on hand.

I cut an old broom handle (hollow metal) in half. I cut an old pool noodle to fit each half. I had some tomato stakes (not shown) that I used to anchor in the dirt. I fit the noodles over the handles and then pulled the socks over each noodle. Then I put the handles on the tomato stakes. I stuck on the the shoes (didn't have black, darn it). The noodle is thick enough to hold the shoes in place.

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Seemed to me she was missing something. I had some old purple underwear that I stuffed with left over packing material and also had some landscape material to drape around her legs for her cape.

Here she is taking a dive in my planter. Maybe she slipped up by using the wrong kind of broom!

Maybe she needed to take lessons?!!

I kinda like her feet tweaked a bit!

Adding some black cats, sunflowers and pumpkins really took my display up a notch.

Update: I saw the boots at the Dollar Store and thought: Why not?

Update for 2019. I decided she needed red shoes so I spray painted the old shoes. I added some arms and hands and a new broom (saw someone's broom here on hometalk and was inspired). If you are interested in the Flying Lesson sign go to the link below.

She still has her purple pants!

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Suggested materials:
  • Stakes   (On hand)
  • Broom handles   (on line)
  • Halloween Socks
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