1. Perfect Redwood Outdoor Bench

If you are eager to spot one of the best outdoor wood benches, then this redwood and concrete bench by Hometalker Remodelaholic is the perfect idea. Featuring 22 materials and costing $130 it is not for the faint of heart – but the result looks amazing and will make it worth your while. Making concrete ends from scratch has never been easier! Get tutorial here

2. Outdoor Wood Bench with Old Chairs as Legs

A super easy DIY outdoor wood bench that makes good use of old chairs? Sign us up! Using two second-hand chairs and some old fence boards, Hometalker Ann-Marie made a bench in just 3 hours. She removed the backs from the chairs to use them as bases, and sanded and painted the boards to make the top – resulting in a perfect combo of teal and ash. Get tutorial here

3. Luxury White Headboard Outdoor Bench

When Hometalker Jenni Ingram stumbled across a run-down wooden headboard, she immediately knew it would be perfect for a lush outdoor wood bench. She removed the peeling veneer, used some wood glue to get the pieces together with new wood, and voilà! She chose a perfect creamy milk white to paint and topped it off with boho outdoor bench cushions. Get tutorial here

4. Corner Built-In Wood Outdoor Bench

Sometimes you just need a simple idea as inspiration for how to make the most of your deck. When Hometalker GrandmasHouseDIY saw her friend use a bench instead of railing, she got inspired to build a magnificent L-shaped outdoor bench. Using green treated wood for extra sturdiness, she managed to add some much-needed and stylish deck seating space. Get tutorial here

5. Award-Winning Stylish L-Shaped Outdoor Bench

Inspired by Ana White's Large Porch Bench Plans, Hometalker Stephanie Abbott came up with a DIY outdoor wood bench so stunning that it was awarded first runner up on IG Builders Challenge. Using corral boards and 4x4s, it all came together with some wood glue and a brad nailer. Varying lengths and geometric patterns make the design truly stand out! Get tutorial here

6. Easy DIY Cinder Block and Wood Outdoor Bench

Looking for a project that won’t take too much time, effort, or money? Hometalker Carlitakragland is onto something, with this nail-free outdoor benches project. She utilised 6 cinder blocks as bases, slipped in some wooden boards for structure integrity, and then topped it off with wooden planks. Add some outdoor bench cushions for extra coziness! Get tutorial here

7. Elegant Outdoor Bench Made from Spindles

Hometalker Gina @ The Shabby Creek Cottage swears by this project that saw her turn a bunch of spindles from a yard sale into a stunning outdoor bench. She used them as legs and created a frame with 1x4s, making sure to use inside corner support for extra strength. Extra tip: spacing the top wooden planks to allow rain to drain out – smart move! Get tutorial here

8. DIY Outdoor Bench from Old Repurposed Wood

Every now and then, you may come across some material that someone else has discarded and you know it would make a great DIY project if you took a little time to repurpose it. That is precisely what Hometalker Zest It Up did: some beautiful, textured wood planks that were thrown away and an old window were turned into a funky, rustic outdoor bench. Get tutorial here

9. Outdoor Bench Made from Old Garage Door

Using a garage door to build an outdoor bench is rather unusual – but Hometalker Reposhture Studio – Kim proved that the idea is brilliant. She used one section of their old garage door to make the top and divided the other section into three pieces to make the legs. After some good sanding, waxing, and polyurethane sealing, the piece was ready! Get tutorial here

10. How to Transform an Old Outdoor Wood Bench

Sometimes revamping old outdoor benches can be as tricky as building a new one – but this project by Hometalker Royal Design Studio showcases some excellent tips. They used a stencil and chalk paint to breathe new life into a rugged outdoor wood bench, highlighting its carved features, before finishing off with a bit of sanding. An elegant result! Get tutorial here

11. Build a DIY Extra Long Outdoor Wood Bench

If you often have friends over to sit at your porch or garden, then you may find yourself short on space. Using nine 2x4 at 10’ wooden planks, Hometalker Pinspired to DIY built an extra long outdoor wood bench – and gives detailed instructions on how to replicate her project. Check out the diamond design in the bench legs – both sturdy and stylish! Get tutorial here

12. Repurposing Old Chairs for Outdoor Bench Back

Want to add a bit of color in your backyard? Hometalker Chelsea @ Making Manzanita upcycled some old chairs to build a beautiful outdoor bench – but for this project, she kept the chair backs so that they function as the back for the stunning outdoor wood bench. She painted them a nice light blue color and used pallet wood planks to form the top. Get tutorial here

13. Build an Outdoor Bench for a Kids’ Play Area

If you have kids and a backyard, chances are you have a sand or gravel box – or thought of building one. Hometalker Stephanie Abbott built a matching outdoor wood bench to go with her kids’ gravel box. Complete with a cute truck drawing and a rustic design that is resilient to playground dirt, this is the perfect design for a kid-friendly bench. Get tutorial here

14. Hassle-Free Outdoor Bench – Only 3 Materials

Looking to create a super easy customized outdoor bench? Hometalker Megan Aubrey has the perfect project. Using a drill and a sander, she attached 2x12 pressure-treated wood planks to four wooden legs with the help of heavy-duty top plates, building a clean, minimalistic bench – with room underneath to potentially make it an outdoor storage bench! Get tutorial here

15. Sturdy Pressure-Treated Outdoor Wood Bench

It is almost unbelievable that all it took was 4 materials and 6 hours of work for Hometalker Zac Builds to complete this beast of an outdoor wood bench for his porch. Costing roughly $100, the project made excellent use of brown pressure-treated wooden planks – Zac Builds used 2x4x8's and 5/4x6x8's, which he sanded to take care of loose splinters. Get tutorial here

16. Fun and Colorful Easy DIY Outdoor Bench

Hometalker Anam - Delicious And DIY came up with a simple yet fun design for her DIY outdoor bench. She used two square industrial legs as the bases to support her bench, and a simple wood piece that she attached with a power drill. Then she painted the top a soothing azure and used a stencil and gilding to paint a golden pineapple design over it. Get tutorial here

17. Outdoor Bench Cushions Put to Perfect Use

Hometalker Leanna Forsythe truly went the extra mile, as she made not only a beautiful outdoor wood bench, but also a lovely outdoor bench cushion to go with it as the bench back. She used solid wood to make a small and stylish bench, and then muslin, cushion material, and fiberfill stuffing for a customized cushion back, complete with a stencil. Get tutorial here

18. Transforming Outdoor Glider Bench with Paint

Sometimes all it takes is the right painting to refresh an old outdoor glider bench. Hometalker Dixie Belle Paint Company shares the perfect project on how to do just that. Start off by sanding to discard peeled paint and then apply the first coat of paint, before sanding again to distress a bit. Then wax and apply another coat to finish it off! Get tutorial here

19. Revamping Old-Fashioned Metal Outdoor Bench

Building a metal outdoor bench from scratch is pretty hard, so it is better to keep an eye out for a second-hand one you can recycle. In her project, Hometalker Mustlovehome used an old iron-framed bench, scraped the old wooden boards and replaced with new wood. After applying some Rustoleum Gloss Black Spray Paint, the bench was as good as new! Get tutorial here