1. The Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles Solution

What do you do when your new home has a fragile, unsightly ceiling? Rather than spending thousands replacing the whole thing, you can copy this Hometalker by buying 300 square ft of La Maison Styrofoam acoustic ceiling tiles, which were applied using simple silicon caulk in a single afternoon. They also recommend painting the ceiling before sticking. Get tutorial here

2. Hide a Popcorn Ceiling with Decorative Tiles

There are few things more unattractive and detrimental to your home's value than a 'popcorn ceiling'. You can put those bumps out of sight by doing as this Hometalker did and painting some foam tiles with a silver glaze to give them a faux-tin look, before attaching them to the popcorn ceiling with nothing more than some Liquid Nail Glue. Get tutorial here

3. Regal Ceiling Tiles on a Budget

If you want palatial gold ceiling tiles to give your home a Beverly Hills feel without spending thousands, you can opt for the sneaky budget approach taken here. They jazzed up their home theater with some CBTU Styrofoam Tiles and plenty of Mastic Ceramic Tile Adhesive to add a more authentic finish. Don't forget to use some water-based gold paint! Get tutorial here

4. Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles in Five Hours Flat

When it comes to decorative ceiling tiles, faux tin is one of the hottest trends in home decor right now. There are plenty of easy-to-install alternatives to tin which will save you time. These Hometalkers decorated their bedroom with Fasade 2 x 4 Plastic Ceiling Tiles in a matte white color. Simply add adhesive to the back and slap them onto your ceiling! Get tutorial here

5. Drop Ceiling Tiles with a Retro Twist

Drop ceiling tiles are a hugely popular style, but they tend to have a reputation for uninspiring design. This Hometalker worked around that by using retro metallic paint colors on each of the tiles to give their ceiling a truly unique look. The bold color choice compliments the straight lines of the drop tiles nicely, giving a powerful, consistent, and aesthetically pleasing result. Get tutorial here

6. Luxurious Gold Ceiling Tiles to Impress

If you're feeling something truly extravagant for your ceiling tiles, why not go all-out by installing real metal and PVC tiles to give your living space a sleek upgrade. As these Hometalkers note, high-quality ceiling tiles are ideal for covering over unseemly popcorn ceilings and have the added benefit of lasting many years without deteriorating. Get tutorial here

7. Modern & Monochrome Faux-Tin Ceiling Tiles

Consult any home decor magazine these days and it'll tell you that monochrome is back with a bang. Add a little Metropolis to your home with these faux tin, silver PVC tiles that can be simply and easily attached to any ceiling in a smart grid formation. Remember to make sure that the patterns on each tile align with each other. Get tutorial here

8. Eco-Friendly Drop Ceiling Tiles Upgrade

Drop ceiling tiles add weight and a sense of comfort and refinement to any room. This often means they are expensive to buy and install. One way to work around it and do your bit for the environment is to use 100% recycled foam tiles which come in at a fraction of the cost. You can also install these yourself, which can't be said for most standard drop tiles. Get tutorial here

9. Elegant Budget Tin Ceiling Tiles Makeover

As this smart Hometalker points out, genuine tin can be exorbitantly expensive, at around $50 per panel. If you want the tin ceiling tile effect without the cost, you can simply paste over your existing tiles with raised, embossed wallpaper. After that, all you need to do is apply a water-based metallic paint, and possibly to liquid clear spray seal, and it'll look like the real deal. Get tutorial here

10. A Seriously Stylish Ceiling Plan

If you want the kind of 3D circular ceiling panels often seen in trendy hotel lobbies, there are easy ways to get there. These Hometalkers simply used an MDF board, a circle cutter, and some nails for the task. They were able to cut 25 circles, each measuring twelve inches, from one sheet of MDF, which they then sanded down and nailed to the ceiling. Get tutorial here

11. Stick-On Ceiling Tiles for Your Kitchen

Would you have guessed that these beautiful decorative ceiling tiles cost less than $400 to buy and install? With a 300 square foot of Coronado Glue-Up Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles, some glue, and an Exacto knife, these Hometalkers were able to make their kitchen ceiling look elegant, luxurious, and expensive within a single afternoon. Get tutorial here

12. Give Old Ceiling Tiles a New Lease of Life

You might want to consider other uses for spare or old ceiling tiles. This crafty Hometalker decided that, rather than throwing her elegant tiles away, she could give them a touch of paint and frame it to make a beautiful living room wall hanging. It's a simple touch that adds oodles of elegance to her airy and light living room. Remember to use a heavyset frame that can support the weight of the tile. Get tutorial here

13. An Elegant Ceiling Tile Backsplash

You can also use your unused ceiling tiles to beautify your kitchen backsplash. This Hometalker did just that by screwing three ceramic tiles to a 1x2 board, painting over the screws so that the tiles blend together to form this waterproof backsplash. In addition, they applied several coats of Deft Clear Wood Finish to give the old tiles the bright sheen you see here. Get tutorial here

14. Tin Ceiling Tiles Make Summery Flower Pockets

Another way to get maximum mileage from your tiles is to use them as stylish wall hangings for your plants or even your magazines. This Hometalker found some old ceiling tiles at a thrift store and pulled them open from the side using their hands. They then screwed a hole in each corner, added some wire to hang it, and gave it a heavy coat of chalk paint. Get tutorial here

15. Quirky and Colorful Printing Ceiling Tiles

This trendy Hometalker wanted to recreate the look and feel of their favorite coffee shop in their own kitchen and did so by revamping the ceiling tiles. This easy peasy process involved applying two layers of primer to the tiles, some clear spray sealer, some graphic stickers, and some letter stencils so that the text could be spray-painted on. Get tutorial here

16. Beadboard Tiles for a Faux-Coffered Ceiling

A classic coffered ceiling can make your home look like a beach getaway in The Hamptons. These Hometalkers went the budget route, using some beadboard tiles, 1x6s, and molding to give an authentic representation of the style. The beadboards frame the ceiling, whilst the 1x6s can easily be bolted onto the ceiling. After a lick of paint, it looks like the real deal. Get tutorial here

17. A Tile-Look Ceiling Design Using Wallpaper

Finally, these Hometalkers showed us how to have a textured tiled ceiling aesthetic using some $40 wallpaper and some MDF wooden shelves. The wallpaper can be glued to the ceiling in one go, whilst the shelves, which they cut up into three-inch-thick boards, are used to frame each panel of the wallpaper, and give the impression that expensive ceramic tiles were used. It doesn't get much savvier than that! Get tutorial here