How to DIY a Festive Witch's Hat Door Hanger

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I’m not into the spooky/dark side of Halloween but because I love to decorate and have a few fun holiday things out during the seasons, I’ll occasionally make something cutesy that I normally wouldn’t be into, like this adorable witch’s hat door hanger. Let's get started with this DIY witch decor project!

A few years ago I made a whimsical witch’s hat door hanger out of burlap—it was super cute! So this year I’ve decided to try something different that involves a few more elements. I think by the time Christmas rolls around, I’m going to have fall décor coming out of my ears!

Materials for the DIY Witch Hat Wreath

Tools and Materials:

  • Witch hat
  • Artificial flowers (We scoured the Dollar Tree, but since they didn't have a great selection, we grabbed three lovely purple flowers from Michaels. Yes, we're Michaels fans!)
  • Glittery spiders
  • Black boa feathers
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Rubber bands
  • Clips
Artificial flowers for Witch's Hat Door Hanger craft

1. Arrange and Tie Flowers

To start this project, I simply arranged my bouquet of flowers and tied a rubber band around them to ensure they weren’t going to shift and move. Then, I stuck them inside the witch’s hat.

Feather boa wrapped around witch's hat

2. Add Feather Boa or Ribbon

Next, I tied a strand of feathers around the witch’s hat to hold the flowers in place. Then, cut off the excess.

*Note: I ended up going back and adding another rubber band underneath the feathers because the strand of feathers didn’t hold the flowers in tight enough (hence the first photo of my spiders and clips already attached).

Witch hat craft ideas

3. Bend the Brim

After my flowers were inserted in the hat and secured, I bent the wire brim of the hat in half so that the back half would sit flush against the door when I hung it.

You may want to try different things here—if you want your brim to be straight across or have a little wave in it—almost like a southern belle style.

DIY Witch Hat Decoration Tutorial

4. Adhere Spiders

Next, I used hot glue to adhere the spiders in random places on my witch hat and on my flowers. Be creative with this!

A rule of thumb is to stick with odd numbers when arranging or creating anything—my art teacher in high school taught me that and I’ve gone with that rule ever since—so I used all 5 spiders that came in the pack.

Easy Halloween home decor crafts

5. Add Clips and Feather Boa for Hanging

Finally, I flipped my witch’s hat over so that the back was facing me, and added two clips.

Then, I took the excess piece of feather boa I had on hand and clipped it to create a hanger for the hat.

Whimsical Witch's Hat Door Hanger

DIY a Festive Witch's Hat Door Hanger 

Those vibrant colors turned this door hanger into a delightful addition, striking the perfect balance between festive and fun – no creepiness in sight! 

If you're feeling extra adventurous, consider adding a strand of battery-powered fairy lights for that magical finishing touch.

Have you tried your hand at creating seasonal decorations that are a departure from the usual style? Maybe you've got your own creative twist on Halloween decor? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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Suggested materials:
  • Witch hat   (Amazon)
  • Artificial flowers   (Dollar Tree & Michaels/Amazon)
  • Glittery spiders   (Michaels or Amazon)
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  • Christa Christa on Oct 14, 2017

    How did you make the flowers look old and "dead"? This is a super cute idea!

  • Penny Penny on Oct 14, 2017

    Did you ever think about using fun Halloween flowers like the ones you can get at the dollar store-with eyeballs in the middle? They come in creams and blacks , with different colored eyes only dollar each!

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