1. Fall front porch & copper door

This DIY fall porch makeover was done on a budget of less than $20. The project involved painting the front door dark red-orange and repainting it copper after experimenting with various decor elements like spray-painted planters, a reworked canvas, and rearranged flowers.

After several trial arrangements, Heather settled on a charming final look that included fall-themed decorations, a copper-painted door, and illuminated poinsettias for added nighttime ambiance.  Get tutorial here

2. Fall front door decorations

In this fall front door decorating project, the creator used styrofoam strips with attached hooks to create a lush and full display of fall leaves and flowers.

The process involved sticking the leaves and flowers into the foam and using low-temperature hot glue and Dollar Tree fall leaves to hide the edges of the styrofoam.

The final result is a beautiful and welcoming fall decoration for the front door that will last until Thanksgiving. Get tutorial here

3. DIY fall leaves topiary

For a budget-friendly fall decoration, Thrifty Artsy Girl repurposed tomato cages into topiary trees. By bending and breaking the tomato cages to create a tree shape, she achieved the desired look.

She then wrapped fake fall leaf garlands around the cages and added clear Christmas lights to create a warm autumn atmosphere. The final result is beautiful and costs less than $20 per tree. Get tutorial here

4. DIY gourd topiary

Next, Alicia shows us how to create a stunning DIY gourd topiary for fall using tomato cages and chicken wire. By wrapping the chicken wire around the tomato cage and securing it, you can create a cylinder shape inside the cage for the gourds.

Place the tomato cage in a container filled with rocks and potting soil, then add the gourds to the topiary. The chicken wire remains hidden, giving the illusion of gourds magically suspended. It's a simple and cost-effective fall decor project with impressive results. Get tutorial here

5. DIY fall cornucopia

This simple and affordable DIY fall cornucopia was created using chicken wire, burlap, and raffia.

Cut and shape the chicken wire into a triangle, then wrap it with burlap and secure it with hot glue. Tie the raffia in small bunches and attach it to the cornucopia with hot glue, wrapping it around the frame. Trim any excess raffia to neaten the appearance.

The result is a stunning fall centerpiece that can be used for Thanksgiving or even Halloween. Get tutorial here

6. DIY fall swag

Chloe shows us how to create a luxurious fall front door swag using a styrofoam rectangle as the base. Attach an 18-gauge floral wire to hang the swag, and then insert small pumpkins, gourds, and fall leaves into the styrofoam. Add fall flowers and foliage, like wisteria, to complete the swag.

Customize the arrangement to your liking, and your beautiful fall swag is ready to impress your neighbors and welcome guests to your home.  Get tutorial here

7. How to stain natural gourds for fall

Learn how to stain natural gourds to enhance their beauty and color for fall decor with this guide by Vicki and Jennifer.

Simply wipe a thin layer of stain onto the gourds using a paper towel and then remove the excess stain with a clean paper towel. After drying, apply a light coat of clear paste wax. Try this project to create stunning fall decorations! Get tutorial here

8. Leaf-stamped napkins

Create leaf-stamped napkins for your fall dining table using leaves from the tree outside your door. Dot craft paint on the back of the leaf, brush it across, and press it onto the napkin with a rolling pin. Lift the leaf to reveal your nature-inspired napkin design.  Get tutorial here

9. Burlap pool noodle wreath

Make a unique fall wreath using a square frame covered in burlap and adorned with various fall-themed decorations like leaves, florals, pine cones, and wheat grass stems.

The wreath also features a pool noodle cut in half lengthwise to add fullness to the frame. Customize the design to your liking and enjoy a one-of-a-kind wreath for your front door. Get tutorial here

10. Rustic twine pumpkins

What is more quintessentially fall than pumpkin decor? These rustic twine pumpkins can be made with just jute rope, wire, and hot glue. Make loops with the rope, secure them with wire to form the pumpkin shape, and attach a stem using more rope. Enjoy displaying these cute pumpkins around your home. Get tutorial here