11 DIY Fall Floral Arrangements to Brighten Your Home For Autumn

Learn how to create stunning fall floral arrangements with these DIY projects. From turning unexpected materials like faux garlic bulbs and seed pods into custom floral picks to crafting luxurious front door swags and elegant baby's breath centerpieces, these tutorials offer fun challenges and unique ideas for your fall-themed decor.

Whether you prefer a rustic, vintage, or French countryside-inspired look, these creative picks will add charm and elegance to your flower arrangements. Transform old rain boots into eye-catching planters, repurpose a Tide Pods container into a pumpkin centerpiece, and even create a quick and easy fall wreath in just 5 minutes.

Get ready to impress your guests and welcome the fall season with beautiful and budget-friendly floral decor.

Floral arrangement with faux garlic bulbs and seed pods

1. Faux garlic bulbs and seed pods

Learn how to create beautiful custom floral picks for flower arrangements using unexpected materials like faux garlic bulbs and seed pods. This DIY project by Skilled Thrifty Creatives offers a fun challenge and turns seemingly dull items into stunning decorative elements for fall-themed arrangements.

By painting the bulbs in various fall colors and assembling them with other natural elements like twigs and pine cones, you can easily craft unique and eye-catching floral picks.

Whether you prefer a rustic galvanized look, a vintage arrangement, or a French countryside-inspired centerpiece, these creative picks will add charm and elegance to your flower arrangements.

Fall centerpiece with magnolia leaves

2. Fall centerpiece with magnolia leaves

Learn how to create a stunning fall centerpiece with magnolia leaves that will impress your guests, by following this tutorial by Chloe Crabtree.

Gather both brown and green magnolia leaves and paint the brown ones with metallic gold. Insert the leaves into dry floral foam placed in a neutral container, alternating between gold and green leaves. Add artificial gourds and feathers to fill in the arrangement and create a grand impression.

Fall front door swag

3. Fall front door swag

Next, Chloe Crabtree shows us how to create a luxurious front door swag for fall using fall leaves, flowers, pumpkins, and gourds.

Start with a styrofoam rectangle as the base and attach an 18 gauge floral wire for hanging. Add small pumpkins, gourds, and faux acorns to create a focal point. Fill in the swag with fall leaves and flowers, shaping it as needed. Hang it on your door to impress your neighbors with your beautiful fall decor.

Baby's breath centerpieces

4. Baby's breath centerpieces

Fall floral arrangements don't have to be busy or complicated. Chloe Crabtree demonstrates how to create elegant centerpieces using tall mercury glass silver vases and baby's breath for a classic dinner celebration.

Soak floral foam and place it on top of the vase, then insert baby's breath until the arrangement looks full and lush. This simple and beautiful centerpiece is perfect for a special occasion and adds a touch of elegance to any tablescape.

DIY basket centerpiece

5. DIY basket centerpiece

Kara shows us how to create a stunning DIY basket centerpiece for the fall holidays using baskets, oranges, candles, straw, pinecones, and greenery.

Stack the baskets with floral foam and a dowel for stability, fill them with straw, and add various greens, oranges, lavender, marigolds, and pine cones for a festive touch. This customizable centerpiece is perfect for Thanksgiving or can be adapted for Christmas or other occasions.

Fall front door decor

6. Fall front door decor

Chloe Crabtree shares how to create a lush and full fall front door decoration using styrofoam, fall leaves, and flowers.

Attach hooks to the styrofoam pieces, hang them on each side of the front door, and then add fall leaves and flowers to the foam using low-temperature hot glue. The result is a stunning and unique fall-themed display that will welcome guests throughout the season.

Rain boot planters

7. Rain boot planters

Transform your old rain boots into eye-catching planters with this DIY rain boot planter tutorial by W M Design House. Use frog tape to mask off areas you don't want to paint, apply crackle medium for texture, paint the boots with an off-white mineral paint, and protect with a top coat.

Add floral arrangements like fall foliage, gold berries, and magnolia leaves, or opt for softer tones of nude pinks and whites, or festive Christmas greenery. Display your rainboot planters inside or outside for a charming and customizable centerpiece.

DIY Tide Pod pumpkin centerpiece

8. DIY pumpkin centerpiece

Turn your empty Tide Pods container into a stunning DIY Tide Pod pumpkin centerpiece for your fall tablescape. Remove the label and top piece, add string and glue to create depth, paint the container in bronze, tangerine yellow, and orange for a pumpkin-like appearance.

Insert floral foam, arrange fall leaves, sunflowers, mums, and berries to create a beautiful fall arrangement. Finish the back as well, and showcase your unique Tide Pods container pumpkin centerpiece for the fall holidays.

Pumpkin floral arrangement

9. Pumpkin floral arrangement

Create a quick and easy pumpkin floral arrangement using a faux pumpkin and dry floral foam. Cut the foam to fit the pumpkin and secure it with floral anchor tape. Add fall florals like cotton pods, fall leaves, mums, and berries to create a beautiful arrangement. Display your finished pumpkin decoration anywhere in your home throughout the fall season.

Fall flower wreath

10. Fall flower wreath

In this DIY project, 2 Bees in a Pod - Vicki and Jennifer shares how to create an easy fall wreath in just 5 minutes using a craft form ring and large fall floral stems. Use wire cutters to trim the stems and then attach them evenly spaced around the ring. The wreath makes a bold statement and adds a festive touch to the front door.

Waste paper basket centerpiece

11. Waste paper basket centerpiece

Transform a wire trash can from the Dollar Store into a rustic waste paper basket fall centerpiece by attaching floral foam and chicken wire to the top. Build the fall arrangement by adding faux flowers, leaves, and little pumpkins using skewers. Wrap a bittersweet vine around the basket for added decoration.

The result is a beautiful and budget-friendly fall decor piece perfect for Thanksgiving tablescape.

DIY fall floral arrangements

With these fantastic DIY fall floral arrangements, you can easily elevate your seasonal decor and add a touch of autumnal beauty to your home. Whether you're hosting a Thanksgiving gathering or simply want to embrace the warm and cozy vibes of autumn, these projects offer endless possibilities for creativity.

Embrace the season's colors, textures, and natural elements to craft decor that will impress your guests and bring joy to your home.

Which of these projects are you keen to try out first? Let us know in the comments below.

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