How to Make Custom Floral Picks for Flower Arrangements

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Don't you love a good challenge especially when it involves crafting? I really do! This time I was trying to come up with an idea to repurpose a string of faux garlic bulbs and boring, brown seed pods. Heh the bigger, boring dilemmas often turn out into all the better, beautiful me on that one!

Faux Garlic Bulbs

Okay here's the kick off, what in the world would you make out of these? Hmmm, just think about it for a second while I pull up the next item.

Seed Pod Decor

Then when you've thought enough about the garlic bulbs have a gaze at these boring balls. Brown, hard seed pods that could pass for certain as animal poo! No, no, no we aren't recreating that scene....focus! Think flower arrangements, think accents and think fillers...okay I think I have you back on track now.

Painting the Bulbs

First, I took all of the garlic bulbs apart and decided to paint them in Fall colors, in order to paint them easily and set them out to dry I used wooden skewer sticks. I simply used leftover household paint and mixed in either white or black to give me some different shades of that color. I chose to paint all of the centers brown to replicate the look of an actual berry.

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Creating the pick was easy just a little time consuming but once they're made the floral arranging will be swift because I'll just have to pop them in!

I created the video to show you that clearly this isn't difficult, provided you have these tools and supplies.

Seed Head Picks

I found it to be very relaxing creating them one by one and even if the seed pod split I used the nut inside to create a different, textured pick.

You can purchase two types of floral foam one for fresh flowers and one for dry, silk flowers. Make sure you purchase the dry one...ask me how I learned about there being two types of foam? They are sold in a brick shape and can be easily cut up for a custom fit into whatever vessel you are using for your arrangement.

So for the last filler I came up with an easy one that would look so nice as a bunch just on their own. I gathered some small twigs and recycled some artificial leaves to come up with a late Fall branch.

Fall Galvanized Look

First up I created one in a tall slender galvanized can so the tall skewer sticks gave me the height I needed for this.


Can you find the seed pods? Pine cones? Fall branch? I know you all can see the eye catching garlic bulbs! A few stems of catstail and another purchased branch of fall florals all made this arrangement come together. See, there's nothing to it!

Soup Turreen

How about this flashback for them sore eyes? A 70's soup turreen with Fall colored mushrooms? Seventies decor has certainly made a comeback with macrame and fringes everywhere so why not crockery? I'm going for it!

Vintage Fall Arrangement

So you see it's all of the same floral picks but the beauty is in the eye of the holder! 😃 It can reverse to an all white side on the back if the mushrooms aren't your thing but I just wanted to give you a unique option. The skewers of couse were cut shorter for this lower height arrangement, its that easy.

Wine Shaded Bulbs

You may have seen in the video that I had painted another color scheme on the remaining garlic bulbs. The selections were Fall berry shades for me but the options are endless! I'm thinking about a French countryside, a little cottage nearby some wine vineyards for this next one.

This is a much smaller dollarstore urn that I painted white Krylon Spray paint and then distressed it with a sanding block. For the florals I used some ivy, yarrow, grapes and wine shaded garlic bulb picks to create my French inspired centerpiece.

It's those pops of color that your eyes are drawn towards...always. Doesn't this small centerpiece add so much charm? Its so easy to put them together once the prep work is done ahead of time and with the variety of picks no two will be alike!

Who knew there could be this many great options creating floral picks with garlic bulbs, twigs, seed pods and pine cones? Thanks for checking in and happy flower arranging!

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Suggested materials:
  • Braided Raffia Garlic Bulbs   (Thrift Store)
  • Botannical Seed Pods   (Wicker Emporium)
  • Floral tape   (Dollar store)
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