Transform an old frying pan into a succulent planter

A few steps will turn an old pan into a planter. Drill holes into the pan, remove & paint handles and the rest of the pan. Attach feet, fill the planter. Get tutorial here

Turn springform cake pans into a tiered lamp shade

Make a designer looking metal tiered lamp with springform pans. Spray in gold, drill holes, use hangers & wires to attach to each other and hang! Get tutorial here

Repurpose a vintage cookie sheet into a chalkboard

Apply chalkboard vinyl to a cookie sheet for this useful project. Fancy it up with faux pearl beading & a baking cone to hold a piece of chalk. Get tutorial here

Create a decorative basket from a suacepan

Make a lovely decorative basket that will add fucntional decor to any room in your home. All you need is an old pan, twine and a glue gun. Get tutorial here

Make a tiered tray from cake pans

Follow detailed steps to make this county chic tiered tray. You'll need to cut a spindle with a mitre saw, then connect the pans with E6000. Get tutorial here

Convert a lobster pot into a foot stool

Chrochet a top for the lid of a lobster pot. Glue the chrocheted top and fabric onto the pot. The footstool can also be used as storage! Get tutorial here

Use a pizza tray & coins to make a decorative mirror

You can make this stunning metallic wall mirror with dollar store materials. Follow the simple instructions and finish with Rose Gold Paint Spray. Get tutorial here

Make a bird feeder with mason jars and pot lids

These birdfeeders are a super upcycle! Use poulty feeder bases, pot lids and mason jars. Assemble for unique and useful DIY. Get tutorial here

Upcycle a bread pan into a planter

Turn an old bread pan into a charming decorative planter centerpiece. Paint, add 4 wooden beads as feet, add rocks, then fill with silk flower stems. Get tutorial here

Pretty up a planter with a French country makeover

Give new life to a planter with a Shabby French country facelift. Use a French-inspired stencil & pastel paint. Sandpaper the edges for an aged look. Get tutorial here

Create a vintage pie tin clock

Start with a clock kit that has the right diameter hands for your pie tin. A little drilling and wiring puts this together in no time. Get tutorial here

Recycle a rusty water pan into a succulent pot

A beautiful project that turns old water pans into gorgeous planters with some easy drilling and spray paint. Customize as you wish. Get tutorial here

Turn a fondue pot into a solar fountain & fire pit

Make a table top solar fountain by day and a fire pit at night with this creative DIY. Watch the video tutorial to fully understand the steps. Get tutorial here

Make a 'floating' planter from a teapot, bowl & fork

An amazing DIY for you! This planter looks like the teapot is floating in mid air while watering the succulents beneath it. Only a few supplies needed. Get tutorial here

Fancy up pizza pans into decorative trays

Get designer looking trays with this DIY. Spray paint, section off areas with painters tape & newspapers and continue painting. Get tutorial here