Add a desk for everyday use

You’ll have a quiet room to work in, and your guests will have a table to use. Get tutorial here

Double your guest room as a nursery

Get the most out of that extra room by using it every day for your baby. Get tutorial here

Use it as a reading room

A cozy nook with books is just what your room needs. Get tutorial here

Turn your room into an office

It will help keep your work separate from your home. Get tutorial here

Turn it into a walk-in closet

You’ll love getting dressed in the morning. Get tutorial here

Create a man cave

The perfect place for your man to sit back and relax. Get tutorial here

Make it a garden room

Enjoy your collection of greenery, even in bad weather. Get tutorial here

Turn it into a laundry room

Even if it’s a small space, you’ll love having a designated area for all that clothing. Get tutorial here