Lay down vinyl sheet flooring

A weekend, $100, a utility knife and vinyl sheet flooring is all you need to pull this off. Prep is essential, be sure to remove vents and clean the old flooring. Get tutorial here

Stick on SnazzyDecal tile stickers

Use tile stickers from SnazzyDecal for a simple and gorgeous upgrade. They're waterproof, scratch resistant, removable, and easy to install. Get tutorial here

Install ceramic tiles

A great DIY tutorial for installing cermaic tile. Plus, learn how to properly remove old vinyl flooring and prep for installation. Get tutorial here

Paint over linoleum

Start with a deglosser, apply a primer & paint in the color of your choice. Use a stencil to add a deorative touch. Seal with a water-base polyurethane. Get tutorial here

Use Shabby Chalk-Acrylic Paints

Paint over linoleum with Shabby Chalk-Acrylic Paints. Use a few coats and colors to get the look you want. Finish it off with Shabby Paints Varnish. Get tutorial here

DIY a hexagon mosaic tile installation

Get your knee pads out for this one! Learn how to install hexagon mosaic ceramic tile with this helpful, detailed tutorial. Get tutorial here

Stencil onto ceramic tile

Create a spectacular floor by stenciling with latex or craft paint. Buy your stencil sized to the tiles you're painting, plan your color layout and go! Get tutorial here

Create a diamond painted floor

Paint a sleak diamond pattern onto a linoleum sheet and then install. Use Graph paper to plan and be patient and careful for best results. Get tutorial here

Get a faux wood look with 12x24 tiles

Add warmth to your bathroom with beautiful gray tiles. Start with backer board, install tiles, grout and enjoy the beauty. Get tutorial here

Make your tile look like old stone

Makeover tiles to get an old stone look. Apply 2 coats of charcoal colored paint, dry, paint 2 coats of off-white latex paint. Grout, sand and seal. Get tutorial here

Give a facelift with new ceramic tiles

Learn how to rip up old carpet and prepare a floor for ceramic tile installation. Choose a layout before you start and be sure to plan it right. Get tutorial here

Stencil over linoleum for a desiger look

Use August Tile Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils to create a fresh & updated look. Paint with DecoArt's Chalk Paint in Relic. Finish with a polycrylic. Get tutorial here