1. Fall leaf bowl

Create a stunning fall leaf bowl with just a few leaf garlands from The Dollar Store. Remove the leaves from the garland and use Mod Podge to apply them to a large playground ball.

After the Mod Podge dries, remove the ball and plastic wrap, and your bowl is ready to be filled with candy treats or fall decorations for a unique and beautiful fall centerpiece. Get tutorial here

2. Leaf-stamped napkins

Create your own leaf-stamped napkins for fall using leaves from your surroundings. Dot craft paint on the back of a leaf, brush it, and then position it on a cloth napkin.

Roll over the leaf with a rolling pin, transfer the paint, and gently lift the leaf to reveal your nature-inspired table decor. It's a quick and budget-friendly way to add a touch of nature to your dining table this fall. Get tutorial here

3. DIY magnolia wreath

To preserve magnolia leaves and branches, soak them in a mixture of glycerin and water for several days. For the leaves, place them in the solution for 3-4 days and pat dry with paper towels. For the branches, hammer the ends to reveal the veins, then soak them in the glycerin solution for about a month.

After preserving the leaves and branches, you can use them to create your own magnolia wreath, which is easy and inexpensive to make. Get tutorial here

4. Balloon bowl with faux leaves

This project offers two DIY ideas for making unique and decorative bowls using simple materials like buttons, leaves, balloons, and glue. The first method involves gluing buttons onto a blown-up balloon, while the second uses faux leaves on a ball covered with plastic wrap.

Once dried and peeled, these bowls can be used to hold various items or as decorative pieces. With these easy and inexpensive techniques, you can get creative and explore other possibilities for making your own useful and beautiful containers. Get tutorial here

5. Plaster of Paris fall leaves

This project involves creating fall leaves using plaster of Paris. The leaves are made thick to avoid fragility, and a plastic container with damp sand is used as a support to give the leaves a curled edge. Plaster of Paris mixed with cold water is then applied to the leaves, and after drying, they are painted with various colors and coated with varnish for strength.

The finished leaves are arranged and hung as fall wall art, and the creator also experiments with Unicorn Spit for additional colorful effects. Get tutorial here

6. Fall centerpiece with magnolia leaves

This project involves making a fall centerpiece using magnolia leaves. The leaves are painted with metallic gold paint and arranged in a container with floral foam.

Alternating gold and green leaves are inserted into the foam, and artificial gourds and feathers are added for decoration. The finished centerpiece creates a grand impression and is admired by guests. Get tutorial here

7. Fall leaf topiary trees

This project involves creating fall topiary trees using tomato cages, fake fall leaves garland, and clear Christmas lights. The tomato cages are modified to resemble tree shapes, and the garland is wrapped around them to create a leafy look.

The lights are added for a soft glow, and the finished topiary trees create a warm autumn atmosphere for fall decorating. The cost of each tree is less than $20. Get tutorial here

8. Pressed flower lanterns

To create pressed flower lanterns, start by pressing flowers for around three weeks. Then, draw a circle on a balloon and cover it with paper using a paste. Add a second layer once the first is dry, and then attach the dried flowers with glue.

Afterward, pop the balloon and remove it. Make loops for hanging using craft wire and jute twine, and finally, hang the lanterns and place a candle inside for a beautiful autumn decoration. Get tutorial here

9. Faux fall tree

This DIY fall tree project is easy and affordable, requiring just a fallen branch, cloth leaves, and paint.

Paint the leaves in softer fall colors and mist them with water to give a more muted tone. Position the branch in a garden pot using foam, cover it with burlap ribbon, and add moss or bark trimmings for a natural look.

Finally, attach the leaves either to small sticks or directly to the branches using hot glue. This beautiful faux fall tree is a charming addition to your home decor for the autumn season. Get tutorial here

10. Paper bag copper magnolia wreath

This DIY project involves crafting a copper magnolia wreath using simple paper lunch bags. The bags are cut into sheets, painted with copper and brown acrylic paint, and then cut into magnolia leaf shapes.

Optional creasing and gluing give the leaves a more realistic appearance. The leaves are then glued onto a grapevine wreath form to create a stunning and lightweight wreath suitable for indoor use. Get tutorial here

11. DIY fall gnome wreath

This DIY project involves creating an adorable fall gnome wreath using a grapevine cone wrapped in burlap. The gnome's hat is secured using florist wire and hot glue, and faux fall leaves are trimmed and glued inside the hat to create a beard.

Greenery and ribbon patches are added for decoration, and an iridescent white ornament serves as the gnome's nose. Finally, a pipe cleaner is attached to create a hanger for the wreath. The project is versatile and can be adapted for different seasons by using different materials. Get tutorial here

12. Front porch fall gnome

This DIY project involves making a cute fall porch gnome using a tomato cage as the structure. The gnome's body is created by attaching garland leaves and leaf picks to the cage. The gnome's hat is made from fall-colored fabric and decorated with fall-themed appliques.

The nose is made from a stuffed piece of a pair of tights, and the gnome is completed by adding a stem embellishment. The result is a charming outdoor fall gnome perfect for fall decor. Get tutorial here

13. Buckets filled with mini pumpkins

This DIY project involves creating decorative fall-themed buckets using galvanized buckets, mini pumpkins, and fall napkins.

The process includes painting the buckets white, decoupaging the napkins onto the buckets, sealing the design with Polycrylic, dry brushing with white paint, and filling the buckets with raffia and fall leaves. The final result is a charming fall display perfect for home decor. Get tutorial here