3 DIY Fall Gnomes to Bring Autumnal Cheer to Your Home

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Discover the enchanting world of fall gnomes with these three fun DIY projects!

Whether you want to adorn your door with a whimsical fall gnome wreath, add rustic charm to your home with a wooden fall gnome decor, or create a welcoming outdoor fall gnome for your front porch, these step-by-step guides will walk you through the process with ease.

From burlap and grapevine cones to fabric and faux leaves, each fall decor project offers a unique and customizable approach to embrace the season. Let your creativity shine with these DIY fall gnomes!

1. DIY fall gnome wreath

This DIY fall gnome wreath project by Nick Kreticos is an easy way to add some fall magic to your home decor. The step-by-step guide walks you through creating an adorable gnome wreath using simple materials like burlap, grapevine cones, florist wire, faux fall leaves, and more.

From wrapping burlap around the cone to adding ribbon patches and a cute nose, you'll create a charming fall gnome that will surely bring smiles to your visitors.

You could even customize this DIY for other seasons, such as using Christmas pine for winter or colorful tulips for spring.

2. DIY fall gnome decor

Next up, Holly Grace shares a DIY fall gnome decor project that is both charming and customizable. The step-by-step instructions demonstrate how to create a wooden gnome, from tracing and cutting the wood to painting and adding rustic touches.

You'll also learn how to make a patch and attach a beard, nose, and hat to complete your cute gnome. With the freedom to add your own embellishments, this DIY project allows you to create a unique fall gnome that will surely warm your heart and your fall decor.

3. DIY outdoor fall gnome

This DIY tutorial is also by Holly Grace. This time, you will learn how to create an outdoor fall gnome to display on your front porch.

The project uses a tomato cage as the structure, which is wrapped with garland leaves to form the body of the gnome. Leaf picks are added to fill any gaps and create a full look. The hat is made from fall-colored fabric, and fall decor appliques are added for extra flair. The nose is crafted using a cut-off piece of tights stuffed with cotton.

Finally, the hat and nose are attached to the tomato cage, and additional fall embellishments are added to complete the fall porch gnome. It's a fun way to celebrate the beauty of autumn!

DIY fall gnomes

These DIY fall gnome projects are a perfect way to welcome the season into your home. Or, for something a little more spooky discover these magical Halloween gnomes.

Which of these DIY fall gnomes were your favorite? Let us know the comments below.

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